What to do if your site goes down

Literally a few hours ago after sending that last email, my site decided to take a nap.


I never gave the site permission to do such a thing and yet it thought it would be a great idea to do so.


What to do when the site goes down:

1 – Figure out why it went down in the first place

It could be something big, or something huge, in my case the connection went down.

2 – Don’t panic.

3 – Get in contact with your host

4 – Run the backup files

You see one of the optional upgrades for picking up the List Lifestyle Funnel is getting white label rights to it.

So you would just upload the files to your hosting provider, add your payment link, and save.

And just like that you are good to go with selling your “own” product.

So guess what I did?

Yep, uploaded the files and boom was up and running.


The List Lifestyle Funnel and it’s white label license goes away tonight at 8pm CST so hop on over to the link below to secure your copy:


Isaiah Jackson

This is by far the MOST DANGEROUS thing you can do in your business (and your life)

Originally this was going to be cry baby millionaires

… but this is far more important.

For your business and your life actually.

(bold claim I know but stay with me)

You see:

In psychology you have 6 main defense mechanisms (there are more than that but to keep things simple today you have 6)

Those six being:

Repression – keeping threatening thoughts to your self

Denial – do I really need to define this?

Projection – attributing your own thoughts, feelings to another person

Displacement – to satisfy an impulse with an object (angry at your boss so you punch a wall)

Regression – doing what is familiar to you (as a kid you suck your thumb when sad, as an adult you do it now when you are sad)

Sublimation – to satisfy an impulse with an object in a way that fits the norms (angry so you play a sport like football or boxing)

(by the way, I know of these because I studied psych 10 years ago and was fascinated by what I was learning)


Out of those six.

The MOST DANGEROUS of them all is…


Especially in business.

For example:

Immediately after telling someone to raise their prices, the FIRST words out of their mouth is:

“I can’t do that, nobody will pay that much”

That is a projection.

Projecting their thoughts and feelings onto their customers… which in turn makes the customer not pay the higher price.

(because the creator never charged the higher price)

VENDOR thinks: “I can’t charge that much because I won’t pay that much”
VENDOR says: “my customers won’t pay that much”

Get it?

Okay fine let’s go extreme.

(nothing in the example below is true to my knowledge)

POOR PEOPLE: think to themselves “We HATE Bill Gates”
POOR PEOPLE: say and ultimately believe “Bill Gates HATES us”

It’s a projection onto another person.

Which in most cases is completely made up and can easily get you in deep waters that you can’t swim out of.

So when it comes to bidniz don’t project, instead get data.

It is far better to have data that supports your customers/subscribers not wanting to pay xyz amount than to project the feeling that they won’t.

And often times when you decide to get the data you quickly discover that you were wrong in the first place.

To see the insider info that I only share with my subscribers, simply hop on the email list through the link below:


Isaiah Jackson

The Real Power With Premium Pricing

I was asked a couple of days ago from a reader about why I was charging $497 for the List Lifestyle Formula.

Subscriber also stating:

“I can probably get the same info for much cheaper or even free – so why should I spend 500 for this?”

ISAIAH: Don’t buy it, take your money elsewhere.

Now I’m writing this email to not explain why I charge so much (it’s really not) but rather to tell you about the power in taking advantage of the high priced offers.

Both from a customer and seller perspective.

You see charging more moolah for your stuff does everyone in your niche a favor.


The higher price points eventually become the norm amongst those who aren’t afraid to charge them.

(a topic for a different email)

And as a customer?


It forces you to earn the money, duh.

So for example:

Just this past week I have invested over $1,756 into the bidniz.

Now if that number makes you uncomfortable – imagine you only had 30 days to see a return on the money invested… guess how much harder you’ll work in order to earn that and more..


Now imagine you are a product creator (or affiliate doesn’t matter)

If you sold only $10 products, you would need to make 176 sales assuming no one bought any upsets.

If you sold at $500, you would need to make 4 sales or 1 sale a week.

Which would one could you accomplish faster without spending any more cashola?

I’ll run with the $500 offer all day long.

Speaking from personal experience, every time I invested in something that was high-ticket, I always earned more of it back.

Your mileage may vary.

In the meantime;

Hop on the daily email list where I provide far more info and special offers to my subscribers below:


Isaiah Jackson



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Why I Sometimes Fire High Paying Customers (And Why You Should Too)


I don’t do it all the time.

But when I do, they leave me no other choice but to do so.


Firing a customer is a bit different than firing a subscriber who hasn’t bought anything.

You see;

Firing a subscriber is easy, remove them from your email list, block their email, IP address, etc.

But firing a customer takes a bit more.

For example;

When I promote a product as an affiliate that I firmly do believe will help subscribers on this email list and find out that one of those subs refunded.

Customer or not they are immediately removed and blacklisted from buying anything from me in the future, unsubscribed from the email list, visiting my site, etc.

(you need to be willing to dive deep into your analytics to do something like this)

But the biggest reason for firing high paying customers..

So fast that you would think I was shooting a M240 Bravo (google it)


You see;

If a customer writes in demanding some extra service that was never promised or offered to begin with… going to state that they already paid xyz amount already so they should be given xyz service…

Without hesitation I pull the trigger.

(and the needy marketers yell, Isaiah you are missing out on sales)

Maybe, maybe not.

Don’t matter to me though.

It’s one thing to ask about xyz service that doesn’t exist than it is to demand for said service and expect to get it because one has paid xyz amount of dollars.

That’s like buying food at a restaurant and demanding that they drive you home afterwards because you paid them for the meal.

It’s nonsense.

And also the reason why I have no problems with firing even high paying customers.


You don’t need to go to the extremes that I do, but I don’t reward bad behavior either – so what you do with this info is up to you.

Other than that..

To get more daily ramblings and special offers only available to my subscribers hop on the email list using the link below:


Isaiah Jackson

Millionaire Secrets To Success

Seems that email last night hit a nerve to those who either will or won’t apply the “free” value that was provided in it.

Oh, well can’t save the world on free.

Moving on..

Below is a simple secret anyone earning an income can vouch for.

Doesn’t matter if you have a job or not

(having a job makes this all the more important)

A business that is successful or not

(if you aren’t seeing results this is also the reason why)

Want to lose weight but keep gaining

(yep, this plays a role in that too)

Okay, so what am I rapping about?


Those that fail consistently do the wrong thing (or the right thing just at the wrong time)

And those that get results…

Well, you know they consistently do the right things and the right time.

The question here though is:

Which one are you?

Are you failing or succeeding?

If so, you now know why.

How’s that for more “free” value for you good-will folks.

For more info like this you can hop on the email list and you’ll receive my 5-step HOT sheet that outlines how to build a wildly successful list lifestyle business in less than 30 days:


Isaiah Jackson

My Uncensored Opinion On Good-Will Emails

Don’t use them.

Contrary to popular belief.

A few times a week I’ll get a subscriber who will tell me to only promote content for free and then and only then when I have something to sell later do I have the ability to sell it.

The thread normally goes something like:

ISAIAH: Do you have an email list and make sales daily from the free content?

THEM: Not, yet.

…what kind of bullshyt is that?

So let us now address the two issues.

1 – No one and I mean no one can tell YOU how to run YOUR business.

Only YOU have the final say-so.

Not some loser who doesn’t have an email list, a product, a following, but read some guru horse shyt about “only promoting free content”

Understand that?

It is your business, after all.

2- No one ever got rich being a giveaway artist.

At least not in the IM space.

I can’t think of a single person who gave away a bunch of stuff for free dollars and free cents – that made a living from doing so.

Oh but they say:

“But Isaiah, the free content helps build trust, good-will and relationships with your subscribers…”


You ever take free advice from someone?


You ever give free advice to someone and they actually did it?

I can count on several hands the amount of folks that I personally know who haven’t taken a lick of advice given to them for free.

Want to know the secret?

The secret to your subscribers building a relationship with you?

They get to know you.

They get to know you by the emails you send them.

The products you sell or promote as an affiliate.

It is not just being a give away artist.

Daily communication with your subscribers, will do more for your business than giving away something for free that you could have sold.

Do with this info what you will.


I’ll keep up the daily communication with my subscribers.

Isaiah Jackson

How To Increase Your Commissions With This 1 Simple Trick

Moving along with these Earl Nightingale lectures if you will…

This morning I was listening to a segment where he talked about a since activity that you can do every night before bed that can increase your odds of having successful days.

And although this subject line says its a trick… it’s really not.

Here’s what you do:

Grab a sheet of paper.
Write out the 6 most important things you must do to accomplish a goal.
Then number them in the order of importance.
Working on task #1 before moving on to task #2

Yep, that is really it.

So you would look at your business and find out where you want it to be, then write out the 6 most important things that’ll help you get there, and do them.

Key phrase being “do them”

The 6 MITs (most important things) are your own as are mine.

What you do is completely up to you, but if you want to get your business from Point A to Point B then you’ll do what Nightingale suggests.

Being honest with you, I have a hard time coming up with 6 – most times I only come up with 3 which is fine too.

But do it for 7 days and let me know how much more you’ve got done, and the results you’ve received from doing so.

Isaiah Jackson



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Why I Make No Fuss Over Deleting Subscribers

It seems that a lot of folks still get bent out of shape over deleting subscribers.

I would know – I see it all the time in FB groups and when teaching webinars.


I suggested sending a handful of emails designed to just get opened.

(contrary to what others would tell you to warm them up, give free stuff, blah, blah, blah)

Nope, I suggested just getting the damn email opened, if that wouldn’t get people to ope after 5-7 days.


Now my stance on this has become different.

If someone hasn’t engage with any emails in 30 days, hell 14 in most cases – delete.

Obviously, my emails are far too important to be wasted on someone who doesn’t even click a link, let alone engage with them at all.

(remember Earl Nightingale and you become what you think about, attitude, etc)

Plus there is less supply of you then the people who want to receive your emails.

So start deleting folks who don’t engage or putting them on a separate list to mail differently than those that do engage.

Something I’ve been doing on top of deleting.

What you do with this info is on you, but whatever you do – stick with it.

Isaiah Jackson

4 Things No Guru Will Share With You..

During the month of December I re-launched the Isaiah Jackson Letter to me email list.

You may or may not have got emails about.

And after the 13 or so emails I sent about it and getting a decent number of subscribers who subscribed during the launch I got a few questions concerning why I sent so many emails for something that was only going to earn $7 per month per customer who subscribed.

So to enlighten those who asks..

The reason for so many emails is simple.

1 – I found that the more emails I sent, the more sales I made.

Such a strange thing, who would have thought.

2 – The actual launch itself was 5 days, so it was like receive 2 or 3 emails a day. It could have been more.

3 – It was following a short training course I put together that you’ll hear about next month on how to turn simple plain text emails into cash producing machines.

4 – The January issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter was pretty damn important for folks to get their hands on.

It covered exactly what you would need to do to build a successful affiliate marketing business that stands out amongst the other affiliates.

In fact;

There are four methods revealed in the January issue that cover exactly what you should do differently than the other folks out there.

And if you were just getting started..

Well it covered that too, in great detail…

As well as how to build your online business from complete scratch working just a few minutes per day.

Yep a few minutes – you shouldn’t really spend hours building your business unless you are creating your own products, etc.

But the primary reason for sending so many emails was due to how valuable it’s been for me. 

Publishing the Isaiah Jackson Letter lets me share things I normally don’t share in these emails, videos, webinars, etc.

So it pushes me to become better at what I do, share recent tests and findings from my own business as well as things I see happening online – while giving you the tools you need to apply what is inside fast.


If you’d like to get your hands on the January issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter you can do so now when you hop on the email list and hope to get an email about it.

Isaiah Jackson

The Real Reason Newbies Are Failing…

I’ve been on this Earl Nightingale kick lately and there is one phrase he kept repeating over, and over again.

The phrase:

“We become what we think about”

And after thinking about that single phrase…

6 words.

So powerful that it can bring success to someone who uses it correctly, but failure to those who don’t know how.

Here’s what I mean:

Most new folks getting started online can follow a proven formula for getting results, see others getting results with said system and fail to get results for themselves.



They are looking at other folks results and comparing their lack of results to them.

Which gives them a crappy attitude toward their business.

Resentment or envy?

Thinking like:

“they have to be doing something I’m not doing”

“why can’t I get those results?”


Or worse..

Say you buy solo ads to build up your email list (what I currently do and it works incredibly well for me) and you are putting subscribers on your list but no-one is opening your emails…

(A trend I see when talking to some subscribers and customers)

They would tell me things like:

“Solo ads don’t work”

“Solo ad leads are dead or fake”

“I can’t make sales with solo ads”

Remember what Nightingale said:

“We become what we think about”

Of course they don’t work for someone with that attitude.

Change your attitude about your business, about the leads you generate, etc.

And work with that attitude to improve what you are doing.

You’ll likely see your business improve.

Isaiah Jackson

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