From the man who trained Michael Jordan

Don’t just work smarter, but work harder. You have to do both…

~ Tim Grover

I just finished watching a short video where Tim explained that he wouldn’t dare tell one of his athletes they only need to train 4 hours a week.

The athlete would look at them as if he had five heads.

Tim then went on to explain;

You can’t just work smarter by doing less, you got to have both.

And when you truly think about it makes sense.

Find out what you need to work on and double down on it.

Same goes with building an affiliate marketing business.

Find out what you need to do and double down on it.

Which is why Affiliate Marketing is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike.

It allows you to do the work once, but if you are serious you’d continue to create these little campaigns so that they bring you passive income without you touching them again.


What also is great about it is the fact that new products are being released in various niches every single day, so you’d never run out of products to promote.

In other words…

It’s not just limited to “internet marketing” but works in other niches, digital products and physical products alike.

It’s something I’m doubling down in myself in other niches that have nothing to do with me.

Let’s just say Amazon checks are always nice.

Best to start finding and creating new income streams, you never know what may happen.

Isaiah Jackson

The case against social pwoof

Not everything you see online is as it seems.

Especially when it comes to social proof used on most sales letters.

And I’m not just writing about screenshots.

But videos as well.

I saw an ad that was promising to show its visitors how to get 100K leads in 10 months using video.

What the ad failed to mentioned was;-

Over a million green backs was spent in those 10 months to build that list.

Closer to 2 mil online.

Not so pleasing anymore huh?

I’m not against using credible and valid social proof in advertising but I am against withholding critical info from those who see the ad.

Especially when you consider that stating the info could result in more sales.

Goes back to the tip I shared last night.

On being authentic.

Get it?

Isaiah Jackson

Jim Rohn’s advice on becoming a millionaire

The late Jim Rohn once said something along the lines (paraphrased):

“The reason most people aren’t millionaires is because they don’t have enough reasons to become millionaires”



Couldn’t have said it better myself.

But this daily email list isn’t about becoming a millionaire unless it circles back to building an email list… which in fact it does.

You see;

The one question you MUST answer in all of your marketing is:

“Why should I?”

The most dangerous question a prospect or customer can ask.

So you need to be able to provide clear cut answers to that question.

Especially when building your email list.

Why should someone hop on your email list?

Why should they do it now?

What is in it for them?

Answer those questions before someone hops on the list and you’ll most likely see your opt-in rates increase.

For more info on how to build your email list check out the List Lifestyle Insiders:

Isaiah Jackson

P.S. If you do this wrong the exact opposite will happen.

So when answering the question you must be sure you do so without having this one quality that you are already using in your marketing, that is truly working against you.

To find out what it is check out the List Lifestyle Insiders:

Free way to make more affiliate commissions

Since I am in a giving mood.

I am going to be offering a quick tip on how to make more affiliate commissions.

Something I am sure you want, right?


Here is the first tip.

Granted the tip should be obvious to anyone but still has to be given.

Be authentic.

Shocking huh?

Yep, it is.

It amazes me just how many marketers are afraid of sharing their opinions, likes, dislikes, what is working for them and not working for them with their audience.


1 – They want to be viewed a certain way

(like posting pics of a kitchen they are in when they are really in IKEA)

2 – They don’t have any damn opinions

Copies of other marketers, acting just like them with no personality, just a bunch of losers.

3 – They are afraid of hurting the feelings of someone

Or unsubs which I already wrote about in great detail in the past.

Your subscribers and customers want to know your opinion on the tools and services you use to build your own bidniz so tell them.

The biggest tip I can give you though is to build your email list and mail it daily.

Each email should include your own opinions, likes and dislikes, etc.

For the how-to on building your email list, hop inside the List Lifestyle Insiders below:

Isaiah Jackson

Why I don’t take PayPal payments (lesson inside)

A question came in from a Reader not too long ago that asked:

“Hey Isaiah, I want to sign up but want to pay via PayPal and don’t see it as an option. Is there a marketing reason behind why you don’t take PayPal”

Great question.

With a great answer.

Some years ago I took payments from both Credit Card Orders and PayPal.

But after getting hundreds of sales for one of my offers I saw that 89% of all sales made came from Credit Card Orders.

So my decision to stop taking PayPal as a form of payment came from the data I had already.

Same goes for almost everything else I do.

I don’t look or care too much about other people’s tests and what not.

I look at my own data and make my decision based on it.

For example;-

There is a crew out there who say you can make more moolah using Single Opt-in when building your list and that you lose 60% of your subs when using Double Opt-in.

When the reality is at least:

5% -20% of all emails that are entered via single opt-in are undeliverable or bogus emails.

Cutting your email list by 20%
as soon as they hop on your
email list.

Got a list of 10,000 subs?

2,000 of them are likely to be bogus.

Which will kill the deliverability of the emails you send out to the other 8,000 subscribers.

Get rid of the 2k and deliverability shoots up.

Same for folks who say open rates matter.

And the:

“if you aren’t getting at least a 20% open rate – your list is dead”


My own data shows that when I do get a higher open rate, I make less sales than when I get a lower open rate.

Which is a topic for a different email.


The point is this.

When it comes to making certain business decisions do so off of your own data and not someone else’s.

Isaiah Jackson

The other F word

No, not that word.

But another word that has become the norm for newbies getting started online.

That word is:


A word that bothered me earlier this morning during my daily meditation.

Which only caused me to think of one question:

Has anyone ever failed to get
pass this exact moment?

The answer is no.

Even in death, you don’t fail to get pass that since we all eventually get pass it.


Email went dark quick.

Instead of thinking of failure as failures I suggest you start thinking of failure as feedback.

If you try something to build your list and it doesn’t work, that isn’t failure it is feedback – you can work with the data you now have about the thing you tried to determine why it didn’t work in the first place.

So think of failure as feedback.

And do something with the info
you now have.

The other F word?


Which is exactly what you can get your hands on when you join the List Lifestyle Insiders at the link below:

Isaiah Jackson

Cross the bridge, burn it and Charlie Mic…

Well this sure was interesting.

So after sending the email yesterday with the subject line:

“Pissed off business owner is pissed off at followers…”

And going into great detail about how the who situation the owner found herself in could have been avoided I received more unsubscribes than I normally would.

Most of the time;-

I’d average about 1 – 10 unsubs per email.

And end up with about 20 or so at the end of a day.

But yesterday was different.

Extremely different.

Ended up with 329 unsubs.

Go figure.

Doesn’t bother me one bit.

Since they weren’t going to buy anything from me anyway – and probably never will.

Sucks for them though..

They will miss out on the content I share here in these emails, as well as special offers only available to folks on this list.

Isaiah Jackson

Pissed off business owner is pissed off at followers…

So last night I was in InstaSpam and saw this chick who was rapping about her being angry.

Angry at herself for the lack of engagement she got on “non-thirsty” posts.

And angry at her followers for the influx of engagement she got on those “thirsty” posts.

She says:

“I’m pissed the f**k off at you guys… I’m also pissed off at myself, but you guys piss me off”

Hmmm interesting.

A wise man once said:

“You got the customers so it
is your responsibility to deal
with them”

Here is the point I’m getting at.

You shouldn’t blame your customers for the content that they engage with, since you as the business owner is the one responsible for delivering said content.

Not the customers fault.

It is the fault of the business owner.

And you can guess what happened after she forked over most of the responsibility of her not getting the engagement she wants on posts onto the followers right?

Yep, they made their opinions known.

And promptly left her a$$ets.

It is like the giveaway artist who only give away free stuff to their email lists, and then when they have something for sale get massive amounts of unsubscribes, spam complaints, troll emails, etc.

Here’s the point:-

All of it could have been avoided.

If she had just posted the type of content that she originally wanted, she would have brought in the type of followers that she wanted as well.

And turned off those that she doesn’t.

If she already had a following from posting the crap that she doesn’t like, she could have just started posting the stuff that she does like and let them leave organically.

Exactly like you would with email and when building your list.

Isaiah Jackson

The two deadly subscriber types you don’t want on your list

Let’s begin.

Subscriber type #1 – Zombies

These are the subscribers who opt-in to your email list using an email address they never check.

And since it is so easy to create a new email account these days, it is even easier to give you a throwaway email to get your freemium offer.

These are also subscribers who give you their real email in the beginning and later change their email address but forget to update the lists they are signed up too.

Next up…

Subscriber type #2 – Victims

These are the subscribers that will probably become zombies one day.

But they are mostly the ones that sign up for your freemium, then send you an email saying they didn’t get it or that you are spamming them with emails.

Lies, I tell ya.. Lies.


There are a few simple ways to deal with both.

The first;-

Confirmed opt-in.

That at least takes care of the zombies to an extent

The second;-

I rap about inside of the List Lifestyle Formula and how you can and should apply it to all of your marketing to make sure you are getting the highest quality subscriber on your email list to begin with.

You can grab it at the link below:

Isaiah Jackson