The truth about list building (not what you want to hear)

The fortune is in the follow-up.

When it comes to building an email list, you’ll receive far better results emailing your list everyday, then if you were emailing your list once every blue moon.

Think of list building as your back-end monetization method.

And you know what that means?

Expect to lose money on the front-end unless you are spending thousands of dollars on traffic every week.

Here is what I mean:-

If you go out and buy a 200 click solo ad right now.

And get 100 subscribers on your email list.

The odds of you making any money back immediately are extremely low.

I’m talking like 1 – 2% at least.

But as you continue to follow-up with those subscribers 30, 60, 90 plus days from now those numbers begin to improve.

I’ve had subscribers who didn’t buy a thing from me for 30+ days but ended up buying products I was selling for $97 later on.

Subscribers on my list who didn’t buy anything for 6 months and then ended up grabbing one of my services for $697, $797, $897 and higher.

List building isn’t the Olympics.

List building is the guy/gal training to reach or maintain their top spot in the Olympics.

It is a long term game-plan.

I recently mentioned this to a client who yelled:

“So it could take weeks,
months, years before you recoup
your investment basically.
Doesn’t sound appealing for

Which is true.

And if a “newbie” can’t stomach that, they are best off with getting a jobby job.

Now you will see wildcards in the game, where you take action so fast – that results come your way just as fast.

I recall a time where I bought like $700 in ads in 3 days.

(an uncomfortable amount of money for me at the time…)

And in that same month I made close to $1,600 in sales from that same $700 ad spend which only went up as the months progressed.

So the speed at which we do things can have a direct impact on the results we get.

Two questions for you:

How fast are you moving?

(fast as in taking action with building your business)

And are you moving with power?

(moving with power, big actions not small ones)

If you get anything from this remember this:

List building is the guy/gal training to reach or maintain their top spot in the Olympics.

Play the long game.

Isaiah Jackson

The “magic” word for build a successful business

Going back through ‘Lead The Field’ from the late Earl Nightingale he rapped about the magic word.

That word being:


And believe it or not – having a great attitude about your business can help you succeed as you build it.

You see;-

I once spoke to a well known marketer, who was doing pretty well online.

But his attitude didn’t reflect the results he was getting.

I’m talking he was earning well over six figures per month from his business.

(not bad huh?)

Well, about 30 days after that call ended he went from earning over six figures a month.

To earning low five figures a month.

(still not bad)

But dip that big could cause problems for most people.

My big guess behind the downfall.

His attitude toward his business, JV partners, customers, clients, subscribers was shyt.

Only to recover late last year.

(I had that call in 2015)


I suggest you use the “magic” word to better your business.

Isaiah Jackson

I will give you the medicine whether you want it or not

I’ve been dealing with a handful of clients recently.

Who want to do things in their businesses that honestly make no damn sense.

For example;

Had a client who wanted to split-test the Vendors different sales page he was promoting as an affiliate.

Bad idea.

Since I don’t know a single Vendor who will give his affiliates a link to a losing sales page.

The vendor would have (or at least should have) testing the hellz out of the sales page.

(you’d be surprised how many don’t and say the do…)


Another one wanted to know the exact time a subscriber who bought through their affiliate links opted into their lists… all the way down to the traffic source that brought them in.


I can pretty much tell you with ease what you would need to do in the above, but just because I can tell you what to do doesn’t mean you should actually do it.

Here’s why…

The more time you spend doing bullshyt – the less time you spend doing things that actually put moolah in the bank.

I rather you do things that put moolah in the bank.

(or at least get you closer to it)

Which is where the medicine comes in.

Most of them taste horrible, but they get you the results you are looking for aka feeling better.

In my case;-

Telling clients what the don’t want to hear, so they get the results they want.

(which ultimately results in them getting results… who knew?)

Isaiah Jackson

How to really build a relationship with your list

It is sad that this needs to be taught now-a-days.

But I guess it makes sense.

Folks would rather send short blind emails to their subscribers for the sake of making a sale than actually take 3-5 minutes to write an email that will “build a relationship” while also making sales.

Take this email for example;-

Know what it has that others don’t?

Take a guess.

No worries, I’ll wait…

(plays Jeopardy music)

Got it?

Personality, mannerisms, an opinion.

And not being afraid to share that opinion with your subscribers, readers, folks in your audience.

I don’t know why the hell anyone would want to be a carbon copy of another marketer, authority figure, “guru” or whatever.

I see too many Gary and Tai wanna-be losers online.

Sure it’s cool to show the “lifestyle” but show your lifestyle…

You know?

The one that you actually can afford.

And not the rented one

Or the one that you POST to be living.

(for you social media folks who live post to post and call it “living the life”)


On this bright Monday, I’ll spend the rest of my day relaxing probably re-reading No Rules by Dan Kennedy, play that new DMC 5, stop by the Dentist later.

Worry free.

That is my life.

Your ideal lifestyle maybe completely different and that is fine, I don’t care.

What I do care about…

Is that you didn’t miss the lesson in this email.

It revealed how to really build a relationship with your list


Isaiah Jackson

Secks deprived marketers who whore themselves out for your money while giving you nothing in return

I know that subject line most likely got your attention but that wasn’t the point.

You see;

I just happened to poke my head inside of a FakeBook group a few days ago where the members were rapping about the latest and greatest video ranking product

The same product that somehow managed to tap into ideas that the damn creators of the YouTube algorithm haven’t figure out yet…

(in other words it was bullsyt)

Anyways where was I? Oh right…

The members in the group were rapping about the marketers who promoted the crap.

And one of the marketers mentioned got my attention.

Not because he was any good, but just because of how needy he came across in just the email subject lines.


Well rearrange the letters in the below subject lines and tell me what you think about them:


SUCK C**k, PAYPAL (I recall this clearly!!!)
Be A Full Time Affiliate WITHOUT Need Piece Of S**T PayPal!!!
This Is WHY I F**king LOVE WarriorPlus and DEPEND ON THEM
F**k all this IM smoke and mirrors… I’m personally sick and tired of it!
F**K ALWAYS STRUGGLING — Rather become Bulletproof
CLOSING – 5 dollars is f**k-all (anywhere in the world)


Not even kidding.

But it just goes to show you how desperate marketers can get for your moolah without providing you with any value in return.

If these are the kind of people you got to compete you’ll have no trouble at all destroying the competition.

Isaiah Jackson

The truth hurts doesn’t it

I’ve been getting a small handful of spam complaints recently.

But what is interesting about getting them, is that they always happen on the emails where I call folks out on their bullshyt.

For example;

I’m not the type of person to tell you, it is not your fault for not seeing results online.

Nope, I’m the opposite.

You see;-

It is your fault that you are not seeing results online.

Whether it be:

Due to your lack of action…

Lack of commitment…

Lack of belief in yourself…

Whatever it is.

The results that you want to receive in your business will only come from what you do in your business.

Not someone else.

All I could do is provide you with the correct info to move forward.

It is up to you to do something with it.

Don’t you think it is time for you to stop pointing a finger at other people and started looking at the common denominator for your lack of results?

Once you take responsibility for your lack of results.

You can start doing what you need to do to change that.

And then take responsibility for the results you start to receive since you would have only got them from doing what you have to do to get them.

Isaiah Jackson

Job searching marketer loses his mind

I got a friendly email from a former reader who wants to let me know:

“I am not a marketer. Ur running a scam on rip zecruiter for an open position other than advertised.”

So in the spirit of not Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly;-

(that is POOR incase you missed it)

Allow me to unpack this nonsense for my own amusement.

1 – The claim to not be a marketer…

Duh, looking for a jobby job on rip zecruiter.

Nothing wrong with that to be honest with you however…

To claim to not be a marketer or at least interested in the topic enough to subscribe to a mailing list from a page that literally mentions terms that only an Internet Marketer would understand…

Yeah, that claim is thrown out the window with the bath water.


“Ur running a scam on rip zecruiter”

Must be working if I’m getting people like this on the good ol’ list.

Unpaid marketing interns… they do their jobs well.

“for an open position other than advertised”

… huh?

You mean my 1 man army – List Lifestyle Business – has an open position that I had no idea about?


Never advertised for an open position, don’t need too.

Run a very simple business.

Write Email
Push Send
Get Paid

Yep, that is it.

My guess on this whole situation is someone out there is running traffic to a rip zecruiter lookin’ website with some blind offer, and when the “Apply Now” button was clicked on, it sent people to my site.

Probably from someone I bought traffic from too.

Oh well.

Not much I can do about that.

Other than focus on doing what I do best.

Write emails, get paid.

It is my cheat code for business really.

Simple and effective.

Isaiah Jackson

Why some marketers join the dark side

“You’d be surprised what
people you trust would do when
someone puts them in a position
where they think they don’t
have a choice”

— Harvey Specter

And that explains why some marketers who were once pretty damn cool, joined the circle jerk marketing crowd by promoting shyt that they know for a damn fact will never work for them or anyone else who picks it up.

The marketer placed themselves in a crappy spot.

One where they really don’t have a choice but to participate in that nonsense.

Here’s how:-

Say I decide to promote someone as an affiliate and send them hundreds of sales.

Do that for enough people and it’ll get attention.

(duh of course it would)

Next I decide to do my own launch and I get to cash in on those favors and all those people I made sales for now have to promote me.

You can guess what happens next right?

Yep, the cycle repeats itself.

So much so that the marketers begin to not care about the quality of the products the promote and care more about the commissions they would generate.

I mean who promotes a push-button traffic offer which is just a wordpress plugin that you can install on your site that doesn’t do jack shyt for sending you any traffic, but instead just created bunch of crappy wordpress posts on your site?


Commissions nice, product not so much.

The lesson here is a simple one.

Don’t place yourself in a situation where you give someone the power to place you in a position where you don’t have a choice.

Isaiah Jackson

$1 a month per subscriber

Zac from a forum asks:

Why isn’t my relationship niche email list earning $1 a month/subscriber?

I have 2200 subscribers
Email follow up for new subs to promote products – 2 weeks only
1 email broadcast a week to entire list
Makes 3 sales a month of $30 each
Only making $90

What am I doing wrong?

Well this is simple to fix.

There are two things he can do right now to instantly increase the amount of revenue he generates for the month.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation..

Buckle up


Send more emails.

1 email a week is low.

That is 4 promotional emails a month.

Start sending daily emails and that number increases to about 30 or so.


Raise those prices.

If you sell products as an affiliate either find more expensive offers to promote or give people reasons to buy the upsells and not just the front end offer.

Simple, isn’t it?

Isaiah Jackson