Whose Fault Is It?

“Never blame a clown for
acting like a clown.

Blame yourself for visiting
the circus”

I’m not sure who said it.

Or when they said it.

But the point here is clear.

You can’t blame the shady azz marketer who you bought that push button get millions of visitors in 0.1028403 seconds for being shady.

Blame yourself for believing that nonsense.

In other words;-

Take full responsibility for what happens in your bidniz.

It is YOUR bidniz after all.

Only you can build it.


Folks can help you get started with building it (like I do with my Fast Track Program) but ultimately what happens in your business…

Is your business.

Which I why I prefer to not take part in any of the nonsense you see online these days.

And as a result

Created for myself a, stress-free business that allows me to live le’ lifestyle that me wants.

When they zig… you zag.

Isaiah Jackson

How To Win In Internet Marketing

I don’t follow orders.
I don’t bend a knee.
I win.

~ Harvey Specter

That my friend is how you play the game to win.

Go in with the attitude of playing to win instead of playing to not lose.

You do this by giving yourself house odds.

In other words;-

Take back as much control of your online business as you can.

Promote products as an affiliate?

Stop sending visitors directly to your affiliate links and do something else instead.

Goes back to the School of Nightingale.

Find out what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

Just some food for thought.

Isaiah Jackson

What To Do With Those Damn Inactive Subscribers

A few months ago a customer asked:

“Isaiah, I’m building my email list and all but I don’t seem to be getting the results I was hoping for. Emails open rate is kind of low and clicks are blah, so what should I do with the inactive subscribers?”

Great question for anyone who is serious about growing an email list, or sending emails.

So here are my answers:

Create a new list in your autoresponder and write 15-30 days worth of emails.

The goal of each email is to just get it opened.

(so these emails most likely won’t be the same ones you send to your main list)

If you took the 4ED approach you’d end up with about 120 plus emails going out.


Get them off your main list and on your new list.

At the end of your email follow-up sequence whoever didn’t open an email gets the boot.

As for those that did something…

Keep them on that new list and continue to email them like you did before.

In fact;

Send them back to your opt-in page to get them to resubscribe to your main list.

Of course segment them off the new list when they subscribe back to your main list.

It’s just something I’ve been doing recently with my own lists although I took the approach it bit further than what you just read.

But that is a topic for another email.


None of that matters if you don’t have an email list to begin with.

Enter the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter.

Where I reveal to you 14 ways to build a super responsive email list FAST.

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Isaiah Jackson

Getting Other People’s Customers On Your Email List

I’m sure you’ve been told that a buyers list is worth more than a prospect list.

Especially when it comes to list building, right?

Well inside of the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter I walk you through a few ways of getting other people’s customers on your email list.

And no..

It doesn’t involve doing a product launch.

Doesn’t involve recruiting affiliates.

Hell, you don’t even need your own sales page.

It is 100% ethical and works in practically any niche.

Beginner or not.

It is a strategy that I used a few years back and it added over 2,000 buyers to one of my email lists, while also earning a huge chunk of change in the process.

(they were customers after all)


It is just one of the many powerful strategies to use when building your email list.

I reveal many more in the Isaiah Jackson Letter.

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You have been warned.

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Isaiah Jackson

Does Size Really Matter?

No, not like that, nasty.

Keep it clean here.

I’m talking about the size of your email list.

Does it really matter as much as you think it does?

Chances are it doesn’t.

Here’s what I mean;

About 5-20% of all email addresses entered on sign up forms are dead, zombies, not used.

In a recent case study I held it where I got about 1,249 new subscribers on a brand new email list in a different email autoresponder than the one I normally use – I found that 200 of them were dead weight.

Which is about 16% of the total subscribers added.

So in that case size doesn’t really matter.

Taking it further if you ran the numbers you probably see that 30% of your email list actively opens emails or clicks on links.

Leaving you with 70% of your total list being inactive.

To be honest with you;

I much rather have:

300 super active subscribers

Than have…

1,000 total subscribers with 700 them not doing a damn thing.

But that is just me.


In the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter I rap about 14 ways of building an email list with an extreme focus being on the quality of the list not so much about the size of them.

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Isaiah Jackson

Why Free Can Be Better

This can piss off some paid traffic subs.

But oh well.

You see;

From my own personal experience – the leads that hopped on my email list via free means were the best customers.

Paid folks?

Not so much.

Going further I’ve found that getting someone who hopped on my email via free methods, often times bought more expensive products without any real hassle, while those that subscribed via paid means took a bit more convincing.

Now there are reasons why I think that is the case.

Reasons that I share inside of the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter.

The deadline to subscribe is on the 1st, so if you want to discover 14 new ways to put qualified subscribers on your email list.

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Isaiah Jackson

Beware Of The “Outside Groups”


Beware of the losers who want to tell you how to run your business, when they themselves don’t even have a business.

Too many marketers these days take advice from folks they shouldn’t be taking advice from.

Only folks who should share their opinion on your business are your customers.

And even that isn’t something you should take too lightly.

The opinion of a custom who pays you $10K is worth far more than someone who paid you $10.

Just saying.

If you let worthless folks steer your business ship, you’ll sink just like the Titanic.


The deadline for getting your hands on the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter is approaching so if you want to discover 14 new ways of building your email list, it would be wise of you to subscribe at the link below:


Isaiah Jackson

List Building Snow Secrets

Currently in this lovely state of Indiana it is about 34 degrees out.

No biggie.

Except the snow will not let up, not even for a second.

Which brings me to todays “free lesson”

You see;

About two years ago I helped a fellow Army Veteran dig himself out of a pretty nasty place.

Wasn’t just him though.

Once he was out, we pretty much helped anyone in the neighborhood who needed it.

And apparently he spread the word about how I helped him and went as far to help others when I didn’t have too.

(you know being that I work from home and all)


That was two years ago.

Earlier this morning after shoveling a walkway for my neighbors in case they decided to leave – which the most likely won’t – I was greeted by people who know my name, yet I had no idea who they were.

So I asked:

“How on Earth do you guys know my name?”

Their response:

“Oh, you helped X a few years ago and they couldn’t stop talking about how grateful they were”

And that my friend…

Is a list building secret covered in snow.

Just imagine having the right people saying nothing but great things about what you do, and directing others your way.

Sure it’ll be slow but the subscribers who opt-in to your list will be super responsive to your emails.

Which brings me to the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter

Where I not only hammer home the importance of building a quality email list of subscribers but also share with you 14 ways of doing so.

It gets sent out in 4 days.

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Isaiah Jackson

How To Leverage BIG BRANDS So They Build Your List For You

You see;

The incorrect way of running your online bidniz would be to do what these BIG BRANDS do.

What Dan Kennedy would call hope advertising.

You know;

Spending tons of cashola on a blimp at a football game hoping that since the experience of being at the football game is good it’ll some how make you think of the company that had the blimp and lead you to purchase what they have to offer.


No, you won’t be doing that.


You’ll leverage what they already have built to build your own email list.

It is a topic I rap about inside of the Feb issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter which gets sent out on the 1st.

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Isaiah Jackson