The fake value mafia

Has always ran the block like tiny little gangstas.

A question comes from John who asks:

“Isaiah, I keep looking for products to promote as an affiliate and what bothers me is when I see Value of $497 but they sell the product for like $10 – what should I do”


Believe it or not this is far easier to deal with than you think.


Ask yourself if they give a valid reason to discount the offer?

And I mean a real reason, not some BS like “only for a limited time” because often times when you see offers like that it is not true.

(completely different than what you see what I do)


Ask yourself if you would pay their value price for the offer.

For example;

Traffic Example Mach 3 (just a stupid example) has a value of $1,997 but you can have it for $497 – yep you get 1,000 guaranteed visitors to your squeeze page for only $497.

Ask yourself;

Would you pay $1,997 for it.

If the answer is no – then why the hell would you buy it for $497.

Same deal as the question originally asked.

If it has a value of $497 yet sells for $10 and I wouldn’t pay $497 for it, I won’t touch for $10


Ask if the Vendor ever sold the product for $497 and can they show you that they did.

If they can’t – well you know what not to promote

You also know why I rarely attach values to any of my products.

Unless I’ve sold said offers for the amount I am saying the value is worth.

But that is just me…

Isaiah Jackson

Does confirmed opt-in make more sales?

A quick question I received the other day from a subscriber that went something like…

“Isaiah, I see you using double opt-in on some pages, but I didn’t confirm my email address when I got on your email list so I’m curious. Do double opt-in subscribers produce more money than us single opt-in folks?”

Great question.

In my experience it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is how they got on your email list to begin with, and even more so what happened before they were exposed to my stuff.

So if someone watched a few of my videos then decided to hop on my email list, single opt-in or not, that is an engaged subscriber who knows who I am, knows what I have too offer, and wants to know more.

Same goes for after the opt-in as well.

I sacrifice short-term profits for the above as well.


I don’t want an uneducated buyer.

I rather have someone who knows who I am, knows enough about me, went through some of my stuff (either podcast or videos) then come back to read these emails every single day and ultimately make that buying decision.

It’s all about what happens before the opt-in (you can engineer what happens after that)

Isaiah Jackson

The Fake It Til’ You Make It Losers Of The World

Saw a tweet a few days ago that went something like this;

Tweet: “My friend just finished writing his book on how to make money using the Internet, but he needs money to help publish the book what should he do?”

Random person: Tell him to read the damn book

And there you have it.

Another case of the fake it til’ you make it crew trying to sell something to people when they haven’t got the results they are promising.

Believe it or not;

It happens online quite a bit as well.

Newbies sharing ideas on making money online while they still fail to make a single sale.

Product creators rapping about traffic generation techniques while only getting traffic from affiliates.

Super affiliates showing the commissions they make while disguising the fact that they are product creators and they are showing you their launch numbers.


Be careful out there, lots of wolves looking to devour the sheep.

Isaiah Jackson

Making This Newbie Mistake?

I saw a thread earlier on the good ol’ FakeBook.

Where a newbie marketer was worried about a favicon being used on their site.

A favicon.

You know that little square icon on every website.

The thing that you barely pay attention too.

The thing that doesn’t directly correlate to increase opt-in rate or increased sales.

If you are currently focusing on things that don’t directly get your more subscribers or more sales then you are worried about the wrong thing.

The fix;-

Focus on the things that matter.

Eliminate the rest.

Isaiah Jackson

Why I Don’t Place Ads On My Site

I saw a thread started a few months ago explaining why the OP doesn’t place ads on his blog.

Here’s my 2 cent.

I only have two things going on my site that go along with the email I wrote about yesterday.

(remember traffic and conversions)

For traffic;

I believe the only purpose of a blog is to build an email list. So with that said I disabled comments (that is a whole new topic), I have an Opt-In form everywhere I can think to place it.


Sticky opt-in form.

Only purpose of my site is to build the list.

For conversions;


(which is something I rap about in the Insiders)

The idea;

Not wanting anyone to do anything else but to get on the email list.

At the end of the day its short term thinking versus long term thinking, and I’m aiming for long-term results in business instead of the short-term sale.

But that is just me.

Lesson there, do with it what you will.

Isaiah Jackson

The Only Two Factors That You Should Focus On To Make More Sales Online

Believe it or not earning an income online ultimately comes down to two factors.

Once mastered – you will find that you no longer struggle to make sales online.

Those factors are:

Traffic and conversions

And when you narrow things down to just those two factors, building an online business becomes simple.

You are either getting traffic or converting that traffic.


The “to-do” list comes down to just two questions:

What can I do to get more traffic?

What can I do to increase conversions?

That is it.

In both cases you only really need to do one additional thing to increase traffic and conversions.

And it just so happens that is the name of the game this month inside of the List Lifestyle Insiders.

Where I build a brand new email list of subscribers inside of Aweber, and I reveal to you the exact traffic sources I use, how I increase overall conversions, and more.

The November Case Study will be sent on Monday at 1PM CST – and the only way to get it is by becoming a List Lifestyle Insider using the link below:

Isaiah Jackson

I Spent $97 And Made It Back And More (Personal Lesson For You)

So over the past few days I’ve run two limited time offers that you may or may not have taken.

The List Lifestyle Funnel and The Leaderboard Method.

Both offers sold for $97.

Just to give you some context.


A few days ago I also spent $97 on this Golden Key that unlocked one hell of a marketing treasure for myself and the Insiders I will be sharing it with over the coming months.

But more than that;-

I immediately began to apply the info inside and saw results almost immediately – making back that investment easily.

Sure I have an email list and things to sell.

Sure I know how to generate traffic.

Sure I’ve been doing this longer than I care to admit.

But the important thing here is that I got a result from applying what was taught.

And you know what?

Every single time I ever invested in a product, and took action right away I got results.

Never failed in doing so.

Sure it took time but it never not worked.

Which brings me to the personal lesson that once you understand and apply yourself – you’ll start to see changes.

Maybe not right away but you will see them.

The lesson?

Success loves speed.


The faster you take the right actions on the things you set out to accomplish the faster you will likely progress forward in seeing it through to the end.

So if you are waiting for the “right time” to go after the goals you set for yourself, just realize the longer you wait, the longer it takes to make that goal a reality.

Stop waiting and go do it.

If your goal is build an engaged list of subscribers and turn those subscribers into loyal paying customers – the hop inside of the List Lifestyle Insiders and I will show you how:

Isaiah Jackson