so you wanna lose small

“Life is like this… I like THIS
~ Harvey Specter

Interesting thing to say to someone who was on the verge of losing their minds.

And something that you can easily apply to almost anything especially your online bidniz.

Or to share another Specter quote…

“That’s the difference between you
and me. You wanna lose small,
I wanna win big.”

Your way of thinking about the results you wish to get in your business says a lot about you the business owner.

Are you the type to think small and short term… or think big and long term.

Because you can’t get long term results thinking and acting in the short term and it’s unfortunate that a lot of these weaka$$ warriors and animal creepers want to lose small.

Since it just continues the endless cycle of you losing small everytime you receive an email from these folks.

IMers who joined the dark side for their own personal greed… and would literally break the law to get your moolah.

You know the ones right…

The folks who complain about being banned from every reputable email autoresponder on the planet, so they build their own only to violate the Can-Spam Act.

Oh well, not much I care to do about it since it’s really none of my business.


To keep yourself out of trouble and finally start to “win big” subscribe to the List Lifestyle Letter before November 1st in order to get your hands on the November issue…

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Isaiah Jackson

Are you speaking the buyers language?

The more I dig into copywriting, influence, and persuasion the more I seem to figure out.

Seems like I’ve been on the right track for a while now… and I didn’t even know it.


In the November issue of the List Lifestyle Letter I rap about why I killed off a simple to run four figure a month business…

…how you can build one yourself if that is something you want to do.

The reason for killing it off had a lot to do with the language used to build it.

It wasn’t speaking the language of those I actually want to do bidniz with.

And if you are currently struggling to get the results you want, chances are, you are making the same mistake that I did years ago.

Okay, enough of that;-

You can get your hands on the November 2019 List Lifestyle Letter issue by subscribing using the link below;-

Isaiah Jackson

What I would do if I was to start over

One of the valuable perks you get when you subscribe to the List Lifestyle Letter is what I call the Best Of series…

These are 5 issues of the List Lifestyle Letter before it was known as such, that released back in 2017.

Of those 5 issues…

I would say the most popular issue was on what I would do if I were to start over.

It gives you the playbook on the exact steps I would take if I was just getting started in business today and easily be implanted into your existing business.


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Something for the list builders…

Since I haven’t been showing you all a lot of love recently… haha.


I often get asked about how to build a much more engaged email list.

A higher quality email list.

A list of subscribers who buy.

Sure you can test different traffic sources, use different lead magnets, create better lead magnets, offer more valuable lead magnets.

But like I rapped about in the September issue of the List Lifestyle Letter..

There is one thing that you can do to not only boost the quality of the list you build but also boost your sales.

Change WHO you are speaking to.

Just that simple.

You want to build a list of folks who have money… then talk to them as if you know that they have money.

A simple test.

Look at your opt-in page and ask yourself:

“Is this page attractive people with money or is it attractive people with no money?

The difference can literally be one word.

Okay, do with this what you will.

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missed list building opportunities

Got a report you just wrote up?

Got a blog post you just wrote up?

Or how about a video you just uploaded to YouTube?

Chances are you are missing out on a nice chunk of subscribers being added to your email list.

I know I was…

Until I decided to do something about it.

And in the November 2019 List Lifestyle Insight – I rap about a simple shift you can make that’ll make sure you put more people on your email list.

The deadline to get it is the top of the hour November 1st

Any questions, let me know.

Isaiah Jackson

Am I hiding something?

A statement came in from a reader that goes:

“Isaiah, I’ve been on your email list a long time and can see that again you have changed the way you are sending emails… like it looks like you only send plain text now. What is your reason for doing this and has it got you better results?”

I’ve been sending plain text emails for a while now.

And from what I’ve seen the only thing that holds true for me – is that I shouldn’t put too much trust in what the autoresponders report… since they can and will be wrong most of the time.

For example;-

Let’s assume you have 10,000 subscribers and the email you just sent out to your list reports that you got a measly 0.5% click-through rate.

That would be about 50 clicks.

Assume you track clicks the same way that I do and you discover that the email you sent actually got…

210 clicks.

Resulting in a 2.1% click-through rate.

Looks like that email did better than what was being reported to you huh?


I just don’t put all my trust in any email autoresponder when it comes to the stats behind my business so I have other ways of measuring the results.

Moving on. The November 2019 List Lifestyle Letter issue features a bonus Insight on what my typical business day looks like and how I measure the results of my daily bidniz ventures.

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Isaiah Jackson

do as I say not as I do

A question comes in about segmenting the email list and if it is a good idea to do.

So I’ll keep this one brief.

I don’t “segment” my list when it comes to the List Lifestyle Letter… well not yet I should say.

Reason being – is I like to tease the next month’s issue.

And it just so happens having a for real print newsletter makes it easy to do that.

In the real world though;-

I would segment the list.

And send those buyers over to something else that they could pick up and get value from.

All it would take is a 20 second change and boom, off to segmenting.

So to answer the question.

Yes, you should segment your list.

And in the Bonus Insight for the November 2019 issue I share with you – what a typical day looks like for me… and what this has to do with list segmentation.

Deadline to make sure you get it is the 31st.

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the 4 letter words that is killing your results

And you didn’t even know it.

Although one of these words can be used to fuel the growth of your business, but if you don’t deal with it and eliminate it with a vengeance then it’ll continue to haunt you.

Oh, you want to know the words…

Debt Need

4-letter words.

So if you find yourself in mountains of debt… you’ll find yourself “needing” the money to pay it off.

…and wealth isn’t attracted to needy people.

Inside the November 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter – I rap about this a bit and give you some practical advice that you can use to finally rid yourself of those two money killing words.

It gets sent to the printer on the 1st.

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Isaiah Jackson

Spamvertising through contact forms is the new thing

Got this silly a$$ email that reads:

Hi! If you’re reading this then you’ve proved that advertising through contact forms works! We can send your promotional message to people via their contact us form on their website. The best part of this kind of promotion is that messages sent through feedback forms are inherently whitelisted. This dramatically improves the probability that your ad will be seen. Never any PPC costs! Pay a one time fee and reach millions of people. For details send a message to:

Yep, folks have got so desperate that they seriously thing that it’ll work in earning them some moolah.

Maybe it does – I’m not sure.

Probably is some poor noob out there that have fallen prey to these spamvertisers.

Allow me to save you the trouble…

Don’t waste your time or moolah doing this.

There are far better and more profitable ways of getting your message seen.

You see;-

Spamvertisers failed to mention the results that you more than likely won’t get since you are reaching out to people cold.

But the hook is:

“reach millions of people”

If I sell a dog training product and those “millions of people” are all cat owners…

…see the issue here?

Inside the List Lifestyle Playbook I share with you a mucho better way of doing this whole Internet Marketing thing with most of the profitable work being done before a single page is built, button is clicked. or anything being done online.

You can get your hands on it at the link below;-

Isaiah Jackson

These kind of emails always get spam complaints

Here’s something for those worried about spam complaints…

Don’t build your list or send emails at all.


I mentioned inside of a FB group that I am

a proud member of that the emails that seem to always get the most spam complaints are the ones where I just call folks out on the BS that they believe or do.

In fact;-

Back in Feb, I sent an email with this short subject line..

“whose fault is it?”

At the opening of the email I basically wrote:

“Never blame a clown for acting like a clown. Blame yourself for visiting the circus”

Yep, lots of complaints… since the email basically pointed at the real reasons most noobs aren’t getting results online… which have nothing to do with the product they bought… the system they are using… the coach they hired…

Really just pointed at the common denominator


This is one of those “when keeping it real goes wrong” or in this case, makes you more sales.

Speakin’ of sales…

The List Lifestyle Playbook that you get for free when subscribing to the List Lifestyle Letter shares with you a few ways of making more sales from your affiliate promotions.

You can get it at the link below:

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