Two types of marketers

There are those that stick with it and those that don’t.


This goes a bit further than just sticking to it when sh-t hits the fan (as we would say in the Army) but it even looks at the typical day to day ops of any marketer.

Here is what I mean;

A few days ago I rapped about an Insider who sent me an email about a super affiliate.

Long story short;

Super affiliate gave a way a “$5,000 course” for free on day 1 and by day 10 offered it for sale.

In between day 1 – 10 he offered several other products as an affiliate.

Which brings us back to the very first sentence in this email.

Those that stick with it…

… stick with a promotion
… stick with 1 idea
… stick to their ummm guns

And then those that don’t…

… the ones who promote a new product every single day
… try a new traffic source very single day
… can’t stick to their ummm guns

Which one are you?

I hope you are the type to stick with it.


I stick with list building – because it’s really been the only thing that delivered consistent results for the bidniz.

For the how-to on how I build my own list, and convert subscribers into paying customers hop inside of the List Lifestyle Insiders below:

I’m currently working on building a new email list inside of Aweber from scratch, so if you want to get the Insider details on traffic sources, pages used, products sold, etc then you have until November 5th to become an Insider:

Isaiah Jackson

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