Here’s something for those worried about spam complaints…

Don’t build your list or send emails at all.


I mentioned inside of a FB group that I am

a proud member of that the emails that seem to always get the most spam complaints are the ones where I just call folks out on the BS that they believe or do.

In fact;-

Back in Feb, I sent an email with this short subject line..

“whose fault is it?”

At the opening of the email I basically wrote:

“Never blame a clown for acting like a clown. Blame yourself for visiting the circus”

Yep, lots of complaints… since the email basically pointed at the real reasons most noobs aren’t getting results online… which have nothing to do with the product they bought… the system they are using… the coach they hired…

Really just pointed at the common denominator


This is one of those “when keeping it real goes wrong” or in this case, makes you more sales.

Speakin’ of sales…

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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