The fake value mafia

Has always ran the block like tiny little gangstas.

A question comes from John who asks:

“Isaiah, I keep looking for products to promote as an affiliate and what bothers me is when I see Value of $497 but they sell the product for like $10 – what should I do”


Believe it or not this is far easier to deal with than you think.


Ask yourself if they give a valid reason to discount the offer?

And I mean a real reason, not some BS like “only for a limited time” because often times when you see offers like that it is not true.

(completely different than what you see what I do)


Ask yourself if you would pay their value price for the offer.

For example;

Traffic Example Mach 3 (just a stupid example) has a value of $1,997 but you can have it for $497 – yep you get 1,000 guaranteed visitors to your squeeze page for only $497.

Ask yourself;

Would you pay $1,997 for it.

If the answer is no – then why the hell would you buy it for $497.

Same deal as the question originally asked.

If it has a value of $497 yet sells for $10 and I wouldn’t pay $497 for it, I won’t touch for $10


Ask if the Vendor ever sold the product for $497 and can they show you that they did.

If they can’t – well you know what not to promote

You also know why I rarely attach values to any of my products.

Unless I’ve sold said offers for the amount I am saying the value is worth.

But that is just me…

Isaiah Jackson

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