It seems everything out of the ordinary is bound to happen, especially with the so-called “Florida Man” doing something stupid.

About a few weeks ago, there was a story on two alligators fighting against a couple’s front door.

About a week later, an alligator was walking around a Walmart parking lot where you would see plenty of people getting the iPhones out to take pictures and videos of the beast who most likely wanted to do some shopping.

Of course, the authorities had to deal with the alligator, putting it into a shopping cart.

But it makes you wonder.

Did the alligator ever get to go shopping?


I thought it was an exciting read and wanted to share.

Moving on;-

The July 2020 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter will be slightly different from what the Insiders usually get.

In fact;-

It reveals ten ways you can increase your sales regardless of the products or services you promote.

Ways you can use immediately, and I can almost guarantee you’ll see an increase in the products you promote.

Easy to do.

Fun to do.

And of different than what most marketers are doing.

Get your hands on when it gets sent to Insiders on July 1st, head on over to the link below:


Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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