I find it odd that complete newbies want to build out these sales funnels the size of a Lord of the Rings family tree.

It’s what the gurus are doing.

They get a boner from building out these long, complicated sales funnels and like they brag about them on FakeBook, wanting to hold them close to them like Smeagol did the Ring.

And the newbies buy into it, thinking it is what they need to do to be successful online.


How about black and white?


If you can get your offer to work with the bare bones setup, like headline, benefits of the offer, and a buy button, you don’t need these 87 step sales funnels from Mount Doom.

And if you don’t have an offer, well you need to do other things then fork out 200 a month for a funnel builder.

Just my two cents.


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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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