Got this silly a$$ email that reads:

[warning title=””]Hi! If you’re reading this then you’ve proved that advertising through contact forms works! We can send your promotional message to people via their contact us form on their website. The best part of this kind of promotion is that messages sent through feedback forms are inherently whitelisted. This dramatically improves the probability that your ad will be seen. Never any PPC costs! Pay a one time fee and reach millions of people. For details send a message to:[/warning]

Yep, folks have got so desperate that they seriously thing that it’ll work in earning them some moolah.

Maybe it does – I’m not sure.

Probably is some poor noob out there that have fallen prey to these spamvertisers.

Allow me to save you the trouble…

Don’t waste your time or moolah doing this.

There are far better and more profitable ways of getting your message seen.

You see;-

Spamvertisers failed to mention the results that you more than likely won’t get since you are reaching out to people cold.

But the hook is:

“reach millions of people”

If I sell a dog training product and those “millions of people” are all cat owners…

…see the issue here?

Inside the List Lifestyle Playbook I share with you a mucho better way of doing this whole Internet Marketing thing with most of the profitable work being done before a single page is built, button is clicked. or anything being done online.

You can get your hands on it at the link below;-

Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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