Since I haven’t been showing you all a lot of love recently… haha.


I often get asked about how to build a much more engaged email list.

A higher quality email list.

A list of subscribers who buy.

Sure you can test different traffic sources, use different lead magnets, create better lead magnets, offer more valuable lead magnets.

But like I rapped about in the September issue of the List Lifestyle Letter..

There is one thing that you can do to not only boost the quality of the list you build but also boost your sales.

Change WHO you are speaking to.

Just that simple.

You want to build a list of folks who have money… then talk to them as if you know that they have money.

A simple test.

Look at your opt-in page and ask yourself:

“Is this page attractive people with money or is it attractive people with no money?

The difference can literally be one word.

Okay, do with this what you will.

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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