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silly reasons why people cancel their List Lifestyle Letter subscription…

Here’s something most would never email you about…

The exact reasons why people decide to cancel a service… in this case the List Lifestyle Letter that I’ve been rappin’ about for the past few days.

Here we go:-

1) I can’t afford this, can you offer it at a discount?

Coming in at only $1.87 a day, giving you the inner workings and insider secrets behind my own ‘List Lifestyle’ business… so you can then take what I’ve already spent the time and money on testing, and directly implant it into your business…

No, I won’t offer it at any further discounts.

2) I’ve been so busy and need to catch up on the last few months, I’d like to pause for now and return when I have caught up?

I don’t really understand this one.

You have an entire month before the next issue is sent to the printer, 30 days is plenty of time to not only read an issue but also apply what is taught in the issue.

Makes no sense to me.

3) It’s a money thing and I’m making cut backs.

This goes back to the first one.

It’s a $1.87.

Most folks would smoke that in 10 minutes… making the wrong type of cut backs. Which is something I actually rap about in the November 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter.

Here’s the short;-

Cut back on things that don’t get you closer to your goals.

If getting out of debt is the goal.

Cut out things that don’t add moolah to the bank account, keep the things you can use to add moolah to the bank.

Which leads to this final reason…

4) I’m not seeing the results I’d hope for.

Short for saying…

I haven’t done a damn thing with any of the issues and rather than take responsibility I am going to push this blame onto what you share in these issues.

Okay, enough of that.

The November 2019 issue reveals a lot of my most guarded secrets… things I’ve never shared in videos, webinars, podcasts, anywhere online to include…

Why I stopped doing affiliate marketing… why I stopped promoting certain products… why I no longer support a lot of these Warriors and ZooKeepers (you’ll understand what this means inside)… why I killed off $4,000 a month income streams… why I ruthlessly delete people on my email list… my thoughts on money and how you can make more of it… what you can learn from probably the Most HATED President of the United States Donald Trump…

And a whole bunch more.

To make sure you are on the list of people to receive the issue when it gets sent to the printer on the 1st, subscribe using the link below:

Isaiah Jackson

50% Complete

Yes, I Want The Controversial List Building Secrets For Building A Money Making List, Gain More Free Time, & Profit Like Never Before - Guaranteed!

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