"Discover How 3 Simple Web Pages Generated...


In Just 17 Days All While Giving Away Free Stuff"

Dear Friend,

If you are currently struggling to make sales while building your email list... then this letter will put a stop to that.

Here's the deal;-

Back in the golden area of affiliate marketing it was pretty easy to just send traffic to a page and expect to make a bunch of sales... that was until "IT" happened. 



The Google Slap.

But it wasn't just Google slapping affiliate marketers left and right.

Email autoresponders started slamming the ban hammer as well.

And those same affiliate marketing practices that was working so well before were, now working against me.

Sent one wrong email and my autoresponder account went bye-bye.

So when faced with a situation like that...

The kind where you are making more sales than you know what to do with... to now being punished by email autoresponders, getting lower open rates, lower click-through rates, and as a result lack of sales...

You have two options...

Option #1 - just give up and throw in the towel...

Which for me was NEVER an option since I already getting results online.


Option #2 - Create a "work-around" that will deliver amazing results like the system was before.

Well, I'm please to say that I delved that "work-around" and it worked FAR better than anything else I've ever done in my business.

And today I am going to be sharing with you what I've done...



The List Lifestyle Playbook is a real working system that gives you everything you need to easily create a cash producing affiliate marketing business guaranteed to build you more responsive email list and make you sales FAST.

I share with you exactly the steps to take to get you producing profits, yes profits for your business even if you are a stone-cold newbie.

And to help you decide if the List Lifestyle Playbook is right for you.

Here is a sneak peak at what you'll discover...

Like the 3X Affiliate Commission Model, the perfect BP system, the one image to use in your emails or web pages that can easily convince your subscribers you are the real deal and someone they will come to trust and ultimately buy from in the long run.


I've spent the last 4+ years and over $40,000 in advertising to sculpt this system which makes sales by just giving away free stuff in a unique and strategic way.

It's taken a very long time and cost me a lot of money (and frustration) in frequent mistakes.

And I do this for a living.

So unless you have over 4 years to waste and over $40,000 available to spend, then feel free to figure everything out the hard way.

But I've removed all the hard work FOR you by condensing this proven process into an easy "do this, then do that" guide, so you can swipe it right now for immediate results.

Normally to have me assist you and directly implant this system into your business would sell for upwards of $497 due to the four figure per month income it produces for my business (as well as the hand holding for adding it directly to your business), but for a very limited time, I'll let you have instant access to the List Lifestyle Playbook for only $17.

Yep... just one payment of $17.

You can secure your copy of it today by clicking on the button below:

Price: $497
Today Only: $17

See you on the other side...

Isaiah Jackson

Frequently Asked Questions

"Is this just another report?"

No, I'm sure you have enough of those already.

The List Lifestyle Playbook is a step-by-step, "do this, then do that" guide for people who like to take action and get results quickly.

After growing my own list lifestyle business and helping a handful of my coaching clients do the same, I've truly mastered the process of eliminating the usual mistakes and making sure you get up and running quickly.

To be honest with you, I got tired of repeating myself to everyone who would ask me about how to get started with building an email list, which is why I decided to create the List Lifestyle Playbook that you can easily follow.

Why are you only charging $17?

If you are thinking "there has to be something wrong with this for it to be just $7", then here's why I decided to price it this low:

1. It allows anybody to start getting results quickly and easily, whether you're a complete beginner or established marketer.

2. It repels the freebie seekers. I only want to work with action takers, as these are the people who get the best results.

3. In my testing, the $17 price generated the most overall profit in my business. As a marketer yourself, you'll understand the power of following what works.

Plus, once you see the quality of my products, I hope you'll come back and check out more of the premium products to boost your results even further.

So there are no hidden trials, no "shipping and handling" costs, and no unethical tactics. Just proven advice you need to get the results you want.

What other kind of investments do I need for this to work?

The great thing about the List Lifestyle Playbook is that it is extremely light-weight in its nature.

You can use the tactics shared inside using nothing but your email autoresponder and a little bit of creativity (no worries I provide you with a really light setup)

But even then any additional investments wouldn't be a problem with the results you'll receive from using what Is inside of the List Lifestyle Playbook.

Simply click on the button below today to secure your copy:

Price: $497
Today Only: $17

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