I read earlier this year that 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 saved up.

What sucks is that it shows.

When the lockdown happened and everyone rushed to the store to buy toilet paper… getting into fights over toilet paper… even going as far as the threaten to keel one another over toilet paper.

What does toilet paper have to do you with you and moolah?


You see, if folks were rushing too stores to stock up on TP because they didn’t have any, what do you think their savings accounts were like?

If I had to guess..

I’d say they didn’t exist.

So where do you get the long lasting protection from?

Besides setting aside some cash in what I call The Vault, another way to create long lasting protection is by building a money making list.

It ain’t hard to do, but does require a little bit of work.

If you are ready and willing to follow a few simple steps, I got your system.

You can get it when you become a List Lifestyle Insider.

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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