Back in the 80s, American Airlines was having a pretty tough time staying afloat; they were losing money fast and needed a way out.

The idea?

Offer an exclusive membership program called AAirpass.

All you had to was pay $250,000 to get a pass that entitled you to free first-class flights for life.

No big deal, right?


Trouble hit them in 2007 when they realized some people were using their passes too much, and it cost them millions.

Great idea at the time and may have saved them but ultimately ended up scrapping it and got rid of the offending pass holders due to “fraudulent activity” uh-huh, sure.

There is a time and place to sell high ticket programs.

And in The Profit Vault, I walk you through how using a high ticket campaign saved my business back when I dropped out of the school of affiliate marketing for more critical and grander things.

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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