I Spent $97 And Made It Back And More (Personal Lesson For You)

So over the past few days I’ve run two limited time offers that you may or may not have taken.

The List Lifestyle Funnel and The Leaderboard Method.

Both offers sold for $97.

Just to give you some context.


A few days ago I also spent $97 on this Golden Key that unlocked one hell of a marketing treasure for myself and the Insiders I will be sharing it with over the coming months.

But more than that;-

I immediately began to apply the info inside and saw results almost immediately – making back that investment easily.

Sure I have an email list and things to sell.

Sure I know how to generate traffic.

Sure I’ve been doing this longer than I care to admit.

But the important thing here is that I got a result from applying what was taught.

And you know what?

Every single time I ever invested in a product, and took action right away I got results.

Never failed in doing so.

Sure it took time but it never not worked.

Which brings me to the personal lesson that once you understand and apply yourself – you’ll start to see changes.

Maybe not right away but you will see them.

The lesson?

Success loves speed.


The faster you take the right actions on the things you set out to accomplish the faster you will likely progress forward in seeing it through to the end.

So if you are waiting for the “right time” to go after the goals you set for yourself, just realize the longer you wait, the longer it takes to make that goal a reality.

Stop waiting and go do it.

If your goal is build an engaged list of subscribers and turn those subscribers into loyal paying customers – the hop inside of the List Lifestyle Insiders and I will show you how:


Isaiah Jackson

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