I Find Your Lack Of Promotion Disturbing

If there is one way to make sure that your subscribers don’t see you as the “authority figure” then it would be just that.

Failing to stick to a promotion.

Or lack the lack of…

You see;

If there is one thing that I see online that most newbies and even some self proclaimed “super affiliates” do its not stick to a single promotion.

Here’s what I mean;

Most folks will literally promote an offer for 24 hours before moving on to the next one.

Nothing wrong with 24 hour promotions when done correctly. Like when having a special sale, pulling a bonus, increasing the price, etc. Nothing wrong with that.

Except when you don’t have those.

Think of this:

Day 1 – Promo for product 1
Day 2 – Promo for product 2
Day 3 – Promo for product 3

By the end of the week these marketers have shown their subscribers 7 different offers – with each one promising the same thing or worse different things altogether.

I imagine being the subscriber.

Isaiah’s internal dialogue:
“Here I am following a marketer who can’t stick to a single subject, it’s killing me. I joined his list to learn 1 thing and here he is showing everything but the thing, what does he really know about the thing, does the thing work for him/her? Probably not since its something new every single day, should I even believe him/her?

My thoughts.

Maybe yours too.

Who knows.

But the lesson here is simple.

If you are going to promote an offer, stick with it for as long as you can until it stops generating revenue.

Or better yet, create unique campaigns around those offers that way you can promote the campaign instead of the offer itself.


That is enough for one day.

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Isaiah Jackson

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