I’m ahead of schedule with what I will be sharing with List Lifestyle Insiders next month.

Since the August 2020 issue is about making more money with their email lists, walking you through the exact steps to take before you get a single subscriber on your list and what to do after getting subscribers on your list.


It just happens to be about a similar topic I wrote about in the List Lifestyle Letter last year by sheer coincidence.


As a bonus for securing your spot in the Fast Track Program, you will get your hands on the List Lifestyle Letter’s back issues.

All of them.

Every issue published and mailed to Insiders in 2019 as well as 2020 so far.

Which brings the question – which one should you go through first?

And the short answer is, it depends.

I suggest everyone go through the June 2019 issue, but for everything else, I can’t say for sure.

When you secure your spot in the Fast Track Program, feel free to brief me on your business, and if I have an issue that covers your problem, I’ll let you know the one to go through.


My favorite thing about offering the Fast Track Program, after retiring it for so many years, is that it truly helps people. And it makes sense since I am doing all the work for you.

Go here to secure your spot:


Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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