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Here’s what Mr. X thinks about your bidniz…

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”

~ Malcolm X


How true a statement.

Especially when it comes to your bidniz.

For example;-

I see a bunch of marketers sending folks directly to their affiliate links when promoting offers… not only is this dangerous since you don’t control what happens after someone clicks on your affiliate link… but you also lose control over part of the sales process which is just as if not more dangerous.

Here’s what I mean;-

Say you decide to only promote an offer for 7 days.

You give your list the deadline and that the offer closes after the 7th day at whatever time you say… buuuuuuut since you promoted the offer directly using your affiliate – it doesn’t close down on the 7th day and is still available for purchase.

See the issue?

A better way to promote offers as an affiliate would to do what I teach inside of the October 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter which reveals;-

* How to earn more moolah when building your email list, sending emails and not creating products..

* Why I personally added this into my business and how you can do the same if you want too

* A simple yet subtle way to make sales without your own product, services or even doing any affiliate marketing

* The only affiliate network that I suggest you use when promoting products as an affiliate and why

* What quality control is – and why it is critical to building a profitable online business

* The one activity that you should do daily… and the two perfect of examples of how it is done…

* Why the price point folks sell their products at don’t matter and why you should aim to promote only these kinds of offers

* My personal two rules for affiliate marketing.. and why I do them, how to do them, and why you should follow them all the damn time

* An easy to build page template that is guaranteed to increase sales should you use it (if you have been paying attention… you’ve already seen this in action)

* How I made $2,250 in commissions in 48 hours after doing only 5 minutes worth of “work” and how you can use the 5 minute work around yourself to start making more commissions

* Exactly how long you should promote any offer as an affiliate… and the key metric to pay attention to, to help you decide

* The play by play that I used to promote an affiliate offer back in 2013 that ultimately landed me on the leaderboard (shocking how more marketers don’t use these strategies)

* A simple way of picking the most profitable offers to promote (has nothing to do with the marketplace… the affiliate network… or anything that you may think this is)

* The instant cash surge that I have put in place in my business that earns over $400 per sale when I use it

* How to rig your thank you pages so that you earn more commissions as you build your email list – and the word for word, copy and paste phrasing that you can use today)

* How the Rule of 3’s comes into play for your business – and exactly how you can implement it quickly

* How to earn more commissions from losers who relentlessly share your free lead magnets online

* A micro system that I can easily create in the next 20 minutes that could earn more income while promoting an offer as an affiliate

* And a whole bunch more to include…

The dangerous yet completely ethical and legal way to siphon traffic from hundreds… and even millions of marketers online to build your email list and earn you more affiliate commissions (be careful when using this as you’ll not only build your list fast but you’ll also make a name for yourself in the process)


To get your hands on the October 2019 List Lifestyle Letter, subscribe using the link below before it gets sent to the printer on the 1st:

Isaiah Jackson

50% Complete

Yes, I Want The Controversial List Building Secrets For Building A Money Making List, Gain More Free Time, & Profit Like Never Before - Guaranteed!

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