The Major Problem With Traditional List Building Advice

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Most new internet marketers do when they first get started online is a quick Google search:

"How to make money using the Internet"

Or some variation of the search above.

And I'm going to lump you in with them (for now)...

But don't worry..

I did it too.

We all fall for the promise of "instant riches" at the click of a button at one time or another.

Until we are told that magic phrase that every marketer and their mother will hear at one point in their lives..

"The money is in the list"

Which leads us to doing yet, another Google search...

"how to build an email list"

Which unfortunately leads to some pretty miserable and downright psychotic advice being given..

Advice that is almost impossible for anyone who is just getting started to follow through on.

Things like:

"Add a content upgrade to each post you make"

"Add a pop-up or slide-in for each page of your site"

"Create landing pages"

"Add a CTA (call to action) to your about page"

"Host an event"

"Send some letters to people"

"Get on the phone with complete strangers"

As a new comer reading the above suggestions you may think:

"Great, so this is how I have to build my list?"

And I hate to tell you that it is incorrect.

The methods above would require you to have an existing audience to make work..

Without an existing audience..

The methods above will result in crickets..

Instead of relying on an existing audience to build a list...

I do something else.

It's something that anyone who is just getting started online can...

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