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Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers Today...

Using this simple frame  work that I once taught live on a webinar...

A framework that allowed attendees to start adding subscribers to their email lists in a matter of minutes.

Sounds too good to be true?

It should, but this strategy does work, and work extremely well.

Here are the steps;-

Step 1: Create Your Core 4

This will be a list of people who already know, like and trust you.

People you would personally invite to sign up for your email list.

They fall into 1 of 4 categories...

Category 1 is your Followers.

These are people who follow you on any social media platform.

(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, etc...)

For example, I rarely use Twitter but I do currently have 5,271 people following me. I'd reach out to every single one of them and invite them to join my email list.

(we'll get to what to say in a bit)

Category 2 is for Familiar Faces.

These are people you've done business with before.

If you are a freelance copywriter for example, you should invite all of your former clients to join your email list.

Personal trainer? Invite your current clients, and people you have trained in the past to join your email list.

Category 3 is for Future Prospects.

These are people you have connected with in different online communities.

For example, if you are a member of a Facebook Group you can personally invite individual members you have connected with to join your email list.

If you participated in any FB lives, group presentations, livestreams, webinars - invite the people you interacted with to join your list.

Category 4 is for Friends and Family.

Don't count out your family and friends - these will most likely be the people who share any and everything you do online.

Great people to have on your email list

Step #2: Invite Your Core 4 To Join Your List

Once you've finished making your - Core 4, you should have anywhere from 100 - 500 people to invite (and maybe more).

Now this is important:

Do NOT under any circumstances send any group emails, text messages, Facebook posts, tweets, or any kind of message that will go out to more than 1 person when inviting your Core 4 to join your list.

This is meant to be a 1 to 1 interaction.

Between you and the person in your Core 4.


You will reach out to each and every person of your Core 4 individually, take your time with it, and strike up a conversation with every person.

As far as what to say to get people on your list...

I got you covered.

Just use this script:

Hope you are having a good [INSERT DAY HERE].

Quick note...

I started up a new project where I'll be writing about [INSERT TOPIC HERE] every week. Thought it might be something you'd find interesting.

Want me to send you a copy when it is done?

Notice how there are no links to a sign up page or anything that screams marketing.

Give each person the chance to say yes or no.

When someone responds with "yes" simply ask the question:

"What is your best email?"

And then when you finish up the content you wished to send them, you can add them to the list and send them the content.

Step #3: Ask New Subscribers For Referrals

This is how you turn 1 new subscriber into 5, 10, 20 new subscribers.

Easy to do too.

As soon as someone says they will sign up.

Thank them.

Then ask them if they know 1 other person who might be interested in joining.

A script for that...

Awesome and thank you.

Do you know 1 other person who might be interested in TOPIC too?

If and when they say they do, and give you that person's contact info all you have to do is...

Reach out to the person, make a reference to the person who gave you the contact info and ask them if they would like to join your list on the TOPIC

Simple right?

Easy to do and free too.

Want to know what else is free?

This brand new list building report that I created for you.

It reveals;-

14 Easy And Simply Ways To Put More Subscribers On Your Email List - Even If You're A Complete Beginner

And I'd like to send it to you for 100% free..

Would you like me to send you a copy of this list building report?

See you on the other side,

Isaiah Jackson

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