A question comes in about segmenting the email list and if it is a good idea to do.

So I’ll keep this one brief.

I don’t “segment” my list when it comes to the List Lifestyle Letter… well not yet I should say.

Reason being – is I like to tease the next month’s issue.

And it just so happens having a for real print newsletter makes it easy to do that.

In the real world though;-

I would segment the list.

And send those buyers over to something else that they could pick up and get value from.

All it would take is a 20 second change and boom, off to segmenting.

So to answer the question.

Yes, you should segment your list.

And in the Bonus Insight for the November 2019 issue I share with you – what a typical day looks like for me… and what this has to do with list segmentation.

Deadline to make sure you get it is the 31st.

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Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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