From 1997 to 2016 a man who goes by the name Gabriel Horchler was absolutely fed up with being suck in heavy traffic when going to work.

So one day, upon looking at the Anacostia River, he decided to them and opt for rowing to work.


What once took 15 minutes and tons of traffic jams which probably pushed the amount of time needed to get to work to an hour, now took him 90 minutes.

The payoff?

No traffic jams or other commuters.

Just peace and quiet, staying healthy, and the wildlife he would see on his journey.

In all the time he spent rowing to work, he only capsized three times, due to sudden rainstorms and changes in wind direction.

And the same happens to noobies every day in this niche.

They are stuck in the heavy traffic on Internet Marketing Drive, aren’t moving any closer to their destination and they are pissed off.

Staring out their windows looking for another way to start making some moolah.

Enter the List Lifestyle Insiders.

Where I have taken my best information, complied them into a working system dubbed the List Lifestyle System, and give to you for free when you become a List Lifestyle Insider.

Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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