Why I Keep Exactly $105 On My Desk At All Times

Anytime I have someone over for whatever reason they always ask:

“Isaiah, why do you $105 just sitting on your desk?”

And since I always tell them why, I think it’ll be of value to you to tell you as well.

So let’s get into it:

Reason #1 – To remind myself of why I’m at my desk

I’m not at my desk to play games, or entertain myself.

I’m at the desk to earn money, nothing else.

Reason #2 – Focus on money activities

Since it’s always there I’m always looking at it.

So the big questions I ask myself when doing something is:

Is the activity I’m currently working on worth $105?

Would I happy or angry at spending $105 on the activity I’m doing?

If the answer is no, then I quickly shift and do something worth said amount.

(kind of like writing this email)

Reason #3 – Money Garb

Garb being clothing that is distinct, different.

And although I don’t wear money, it means something else.

I’m always surrounded by it.

Conditioning myself to always see it, accept it, not hide it or run away from it – like others who do for fear they may lose it or someone may steal it. Which if that were too happened I’d do one of two things, either go to the back and withdraw more money or go earn more money and then go to the bank and withdraw more money.

Shockingly enough;

It results in me earning more money.

Weird how that works.

Give it a shot sometimes, you can start with whatever amount you want – but start.

Isaiah Jackson

Marketing Tricks Are For Kids

Saw a question floating around where a guy was just getting started and asked for others to share their tricks to making the green stuff with affiliate marketing.

To which I replied:

Tricks are for kids.

This isn’t for kids.

No tricks involved.

Build your email list.

Send them emails.

No tricks, no gimmicks, just get it done.

Keep the tricks for the kids.

Put on your big boy pants and start getting to work on building your online business.

Isaiah Jackson



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The three letter word that can change your business

Something I rapped about in the January 2019 issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter.

You see;

While everyone else on the Internet Marketing space was yelling about what the best traffic source is, how to get high quality traffic…

I was yelling about who.

Who is my ideal customer…

Who do I want to do business with…


Once you determine “who” that person is, you’ll repel anyone who isn’t that person.

Or fits a certain criteria.

For example if I advertised something like:

“Free Report Reveals: The welcome mat that allows Any Struggling Personal Trainer to get more clients, charge higher prices, without leaving the gym you love so much – in less than 45 days”

A bit long but who am I talking to?

Struggling PTs who love the gym they currently work at, but aren’t getting the clients they want and if they are aren’t being paid what they deserve.


Not in that situation would just leave the page, not opt-in, and not buy.

And that is fine, because they wouldn’t be who I wanted to do business with.

Keep that who in mind and watch what it does for your business.

Isaiah Jackson

My personal secret to success

Is a very simple one.

Once you have your own personal definition of what success is, of course.

Success for me the constant pursuit of a worthy goal.

And as I’ve been rapping about these past few days, the goals I set are action oriented, not outcome dependent.

Sure I determine what the outcome is, but I quickly move to defining what actions must be taken to reach the outcome and those become the goals.

I also mentioned the Earl Nightingale secret to success;-

Where you focus on one goal at a time until you see it accomplished.

So, I have the Action Goal combined with it being the only thing I focus on.

Powerful combo but that isn’t my secret.

My secret;-

My mood.

I realized real quickly that in order for me to accomplish my Action Goal, that I would need to be in a great mood when doing so.

And there is something that you and I both have access too that is capable of changing our mood, just as quickly as you can snap your fingers.

What is it?


It’s a powerful tool when used correctly and dangerous when used incorrectly.

(like me listening to 50 Cent while being pissed off, dangerous combo)

So find a song or songs that have the ability to put you in a great mood as you pursue your goals.

Currently I’m listening to Two Steps From Hell – Victory.

Give it a listen one day.

Isaiah Jackson

Quick tip from the man who trained Michael Jordan

Don’t just work smarter, but work harder. You have to do both”

– Tim Grover

I just finished watching a short video where Tim explained that he wouldn’t dare tell one of his athletes they only need to train 4 hours a week.

The athlete would look at them as if he had five heads.

Tim then went on to explain;

You can’t just work smarter by doing less, you got to have both.

And when you truly think about it makes sense.

Find out what you need to work on and double down on it.

Same goes with building an affiliate marketing business.

Find out what you need to do and double down on it.

Which is why Affiliate Marketing is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike.

It allows you to do the work once, but if you are serious you’d continue to create these little campaigns so that they bring you passive income without you touching them again.


What also is great about it is the fact that new products are being released in various niches every single day, so you’d never run out of products to promote.

In other words…

It’s not just limited to “internet marketing” but works in other niches, digital products and physical products alike.

It’s something I’m doubling down in myself in other niches that have nothing to do with me.

Let’s just say Amazon checks are always nice.

Best to start finding and creating new income streams, you never know what may happen.

Isaiah Jackson



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Careful who you pick fights with, some dawgs don’t just bark

2018 has been an incredible year for hip-hop.

Oh, you thought I was going to talk marketing?

I’ll get to that but first back to hip-hop.

We had Eminem go back to his old ways, and outsell everyone who dropped this year (which was to be expected)

We’ve had beef on top of beef.

As well as some unfortunate losses that caused people to mourn and actually sit back, take a look at their own lives.

But the topic of this email, I’m rapping about things you shouldn’t do in the hip hop industry or any industry.

So let’s have it:-

Thing number one is to mention family.

MGK made this mistake talking about Em’s daughter and paid the price for it.

Others have used unknown info to attack other artists, think Pusha T to Drake.

The second you shouldn’t do is tell another man to SMD.

I’m not going to explain what that stands for but any man who tells a man that, is bound to have some serious heat coming his way.

So what the hell does this have to do with you?

Well, just like the unwritten rules in the hip hop industry, there are unwritten rules in marketing that MUST be followed.

If they aren’t well, kiss your business good-bye.

Things like respecting the customer, if you piss them off, your job is to make sure no one else knows about it.

(bad publicity can work against you)

And if you’re an affiliate – you aren’t safe either.

If you promote garbage, expect your email subscribers and audience to treat you the same. Eventually you’ll see commissions stop coming in and have to re-evaluate where you went wrong.

Long way of saying;-

Be careful what you promote and how you promote it, it can come back to haunt you.

Isaiah Jackson

Earl Nightingale secret to success

I was listening to Lead The Field by Earl Nightingale

(this is my fourth time playing that program, free in Apple Music but bought it anyways)

And he was talking about the power of setting goals

But what I found most interesting is how he mentioned (paraphrased):

“We are happier going after the goal than we are after its been accomplished”

Not only that;

But we are happier going out to dinner than we are coming home. Happier when we plan the vacation than we are returning home, etc.

Got to say I’ve listened to this program several times and I somehow missed that.


What does this have to do with you.

Well it starts with setting a goal, actually several of them, then number them in order of importance and go after the first one until it has been accomplished.

Then move on to the next one.

In other words;

You’d focus on one goal at a time before moving on to the next one.

Same can be said about making affiliate commissions online – you would be best of focusing on one method and making that work for you, then going out and trying a million different methods.

To the New Year,

Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah has been marked safe during the 2018 PayPal Apocalypse

I wrote an email about this some time ago.

Didn’t stop it from getting much worse, since then.

All those marketers claiming they did absolutely nothing wrong at all during their time with the Pals and that their algorithm is just screwed up.

I trust their words as far as I can throw a piano.

My thought process on the whole matter:-

Lots of marketers have their account tied to both Vendor and Affiliate Accounts.

So you may a great vendor but a shady affiliate and vice versa.

As one Shady Vendor gets shut down so does the affiliate and vice versa.

I’ve seen two solutions – neither of which solve the problem:

The first;

Stop taking PayPal as a form of payment.

Great idea – although most marketers (not customers) think that it’ll decrease the amount of sales they make (more on this nonsense in another email)

The second;

Go back to the good ol’ days.

Aka – ClickBank

Which is why you see more and more launches happening over there.

My solution;

Focus on creating higher quality offers, getting more qualified subscribers and customers, and being 100% transparent about who I do and do not want to do business with.

Your solution?

I don’t know.

But remember – if you play with fire, you will eventually get burned.

Do with this what you will.

I’ll stick to my solution for now.

Isaiah Jackson

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