silly reasons why people cancel their List Lifestyle Letter subscription…

Here’s something most would never email you about…

The exact reasons why people decide to cancel a service… in this case the List Lifestyle Letter that I’ve been rappin’ about for the past few days.

Here we go:-

1) I can’t afford this, can you offer it at a discount?

Coming in at only $1.87 a day, giving you the inner workings and insider secrets behind my own ‘List Lifestyle’ business… so you can then take what I’ve already spent the time and money on testing, and directly implant it into your business…

No, I won’t offer it at any further discounts.

2) I’ve been so busy and need to catch up on the last few months, I’d like to pause for now and return when I have caught up?

I don’t really understand this one.

You have an entire month before the next issue is sent to the printer, 30 days is plenty of time to not only read an issue but also apply what is taught in the issue.

Makes no sense to me.

3) It’s a money thing and I’m making cut backs.

This goes back to the first one.

It’s a $1.87.

Most folks would smoke that in 10 minutes… making the wrong type of cut backs. Which is something I actually rap about in the November 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter.

Here’s the short;-

Cut back on things that don’t get you closer to your goals.

If getting out of debt is the goal.

Cut out things that don’t add moolah to the bank account, keep the things you can use to add moolah to the bank.

Which leads to this final reason…

4) I’m not seeing the results I’d hope for.

Short for saying…

I haven’t done a damn thing with any of the issues and rather than take responsibility I am going to push this blame onto what you share in these issues.

Okay, enough of that.

The November 2019 issue reveals a lot of my most guarded secrets… things I’ve never shared in videos, webinars, podcasts, anywhere online to include…

Why I stopped doing affiliate marketing… why I stopped promoting certain products… why I no longer support a lot of these Warriors and ZooKeepers (you’ll understand what this means inside)… why I killed off $4,000 a month income streams… why I ruthlessly delete people on my email list… my thoughts on money and how you can make more of it… what you can learn from probably the Most HATED President of the United States Donald Trump…

And a whole bunch more.

To make sure you are on the list of people to receive the issue when it gets sent to the printer on the 1st, subscribe using the link below:

Isaiah Jackson

Should you even try to win them back?

A question came in from a reader that asks:-

“If you wanted to re-engage a list you haven’t spoken to in 3 months, what’s the best approach?”

Well depending on how big the list is, would determine if its even worth it.


If it is only 500 – 1,000 subs.

Probably isn’t worth attempting to win them back… delete and build a fresh one from scratch.

If the list is above 10,000 subs… now you got something to work with.

Lots of options.

And inside of the November 2019 List Lifestyle Letter I rap about what I would do if I was in this situation… but also rap about things you’ll hear no “internet marketer” rap about like:

* The single question that once you answer – can immediately transform your business… so much so that you won’t even recognize it yourself after doing this….

* When was the last time you had a nightmare? Don’t remember… well this will force you to remember each and every single one of them going forward

* The clowns that are running your business… and how to execute them so you can earn more moolah

* The exit strategy… and why you should have one even if you don’t plan on selling your business

* The “Acres of Diamonds” that I heard from Earl Nightingale’s program “Lead The Field” and how to apply it to boost your income in the next 30 days

* The dumbest thing that almost every marketer has done at one point in their business… yes even those you look up too… Frank Kern… and other gurus…

* Turning your clutter into profits… this isn’t what you think it is…

* What we can learn from Mr. Osborn and I’m not talking about Ozzy either but a different Osborn who joined the choir invisible back in 1966

* Use the McDonalds strategy to increase revenue… not this isn’t about using upsells but about something else entirely

* How to create an endless chain of moolah for your business.. it’s amazing to me that most marketers aren’t doing this (myself included)

And a whole bunch more.

You can subscribe in time at the link below:

The issue goes to the printer on the 1st.

Isaiah Jackson

It may be high time to leave the zoo

And stop supporting those warriors.

If the PayPal Apocalypse of 2018 taught us anything… it’s that your favorite networks aren’t to be trusted with your business.

Vendor or affiliate.

Doesn’t matter.

I personally have a long list of reasons as to why I don’t support folks launching products on those networks… down to some of the Vendors who have long since joined the dark side… the offers currently available on the network… the sheer lack of ‘giving a fck’ about the folks that make the network it’s moolah… and more.

And starting on Page 6 of the November issue of the List Lifestyle Letter I share with you my personal reasons why and what I do instead.

But I warn you.

The November 2019 issue isn’t for folks who…

– Refuse to read

– Refuse to think and problem solve and need “copy and paste” stuff

– Are looking for the latest and greatest “tactic”

– Need a miracle in their business and they needed it yesterday.

If you fit the above, don’t bother with subscribing, it isn’t for you.

Other than that;-

Head on over to the link below:

Isaiah Jackson

Remember the PayPal apocalypse of 2018

The one that had almost every single marketer who processed payments through PayPal shooting videos, complaining in FakeBook posts, about being shut down for “no reason.”

And then seeing the other marketers jumping into the convo – telling people what they should and shouldn’t do.

Failing to realize one critical thing.

PayPal has terms that its users must follow.

Same with Stripe.

And although I haven’t heard of anyone having a Stripe account terminated (yet) I can tell you that most aren’t ready.

If ClickBank won’t even take their offer, then they’ll be looking for folks willing to sell their PayPal accounts so that they can continue to do bidniz…

Yes, that is a real thing.

You’d be surprised.


I rap about this nightmare inside of the November 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter – which arguably is one of my best issues I’ve put together.

To get your hands on it, subscribe to the List Lifestyle Letter before the 1st when it gets sent to the printer.

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Isaiah Jackson

Again open rates seriously don’t matter

A few weeks ago I was asked:

“Isaiah, what is the expected open rate for an email list? What would be considered poor, good, and awesome? Not just your list, but any list…”

My answer is a simple one.

Can we cash open rates at the bank?


Then we shouldn’t really worry about it.

Here’s what I mean;-

Say you have a list of 10,000 subscribers…

You send an email and stats look like this;-

10,000 subs
1,000 OPEN

In this case you got a 10% open rate on the email.

Now lets say you send another email and this time the stats look like this;-

10,000 subs
500 OPEN

In this case which email performed better?

Assuming the offer being sold is the same – clearly the winner is email #2.

Sure it got less opens but it earned more moolah – which is something the banks don’t mind getting more of.


Do with this what you want…

In the November 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter I answer a few other questions that I’ve got recently to help you boost the results you get in your bidniz.

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Isaiah Jackson

Subscription payment crybabies

Don’t you find it odd…

That the folks who complain the most about HATING subscriptions or the idea of paying monthly for anything – so they get feeling of actually “owning” the thing.

They even go as far as to leave negative reviews on products, apps, and other services complaining about the monthly subscription.

…all while paying several monthly subscriptions.




Phone bill



And more…

The comedy here writes itself – for us to dabble in.

Just recently I got an email from a SPC (subscription payment crybaby) who demanded that I offer the List Lifestyle Letter for one flat fee instead of monthly since that is what everyone else does.

Claiming that nobody charges monthly for a PDF document.

My response:

“shoo go away”

And I left it at that – since I don’t charge monthly for a PDF document.

The List Lifestyle Letter is a paper and ink document… as in delivered to the mailbox… you can hold in your hands and rip up if you want to.

Says that on the sales page.

And if someone can’t read… then I simply don’t want to do bidniz with them.


The November 2019 issue will most likely be the most profitable issue for you to get your hands on as it expands on the controversy created in the June 2019 issue.

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Isaiah Jackson

Here’s what Mr. X thinks about your bidniz…

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”

~ Malcolm X


How true a statement.

Especially when it comes to your bidniz.

For example;-

I see a bunch of marketers sending folks directly to their affiliate links when promoting offers… not only is this dangerous since you don’t control what happens after someone clicks on your affiliate link… but you also lose control over part of the sales process which is just as if not more dangerous.

Here’s what I mean;-

Say you decide to only promote an offer for 7 days.

You give your list the deadline and that the offer closes after the 7th day at whatever time you say… buuuuuuut since you promoted the offer directly using your affiliate – it doesn’t close down on the 7th day and is still available for purchase.

See the issue?

A better way to promote offers as an affiliate would to do what I teach inside of the October 2019 issue of the List Lifestyle Letter which reveals;-

* How to earn more moolah when building your email list, sending emails and not creating products..

* Why I personally added this into my business and how you can do the same if you want too

* A simple yet subtle way to make sales without your own product, services or even doing any affiliate marketing

* The only affiliate network that I suggest you use when promoting products as an affiliate and why

* What quality control is – and why it is critical to building a profitable online business

* The one activity that you should do daily… and the two perfect of examples of how it is done…

* Why the price point folks sell their products at don’t matter and why you should aim to promote only these kinds of offers

* My personal two rules for affiliate marketing.. and why I do them, how to do them, and why you should follow them all the damn time

* An easy to build page template that is guaranteed to increase sales should you use it (if you have been paying attention… you’ve already seen this in action)

* How I made $2,250 in commissions in 48 hours after doing only 5 minutes worth of “work” and how you can use the 5 minute work around yourself to start making more commissions

* Exactly how long you should promote any offer as an affiliate… and the key metric to pay attention to, to help you decide

* The play by play that I used to promote an affiliate offer back in 2013 that ultimately landed me on the leaderboard (shocking how more marketers don’t use these strategies)

* A simple way of picking the most profitable offers to promote (has nothing to do with the marketplace… the affiliate network… or anything that you may think this is)

* The instant cash surge that I have put in place in my business that earns over $400 per sale when I use it

* How to rig your thank you pages so that you earn more commissions as you build your email list – and the word for word, copy and paste phrasing that you can use today)

* How the Rule of 3’s comes into play for your business – and exactly how you can implement it quickly

* How to earn more commissions from losers who relentlessly share your free lead magnets online

* A micro system that I can easily create in the next 20 minutes that could earn more income while promoting an offer as an affiliate

* And a whole bunch more to include…

The dangerous yet completely ethical and legal way to siphon traffic from hundreds… and even millions of marketers online to build your email list and earn you more affiliate commissions (be careful when using this as you’ll not only build your list fast but you’ll also make a name for yourself in the process)


To get your hands on the October 2019 List Lifestyle Letter, subscribe using the link below before it gets sent to the printer on the 1st:

Isaiah Jackson

UNCENSORED (how I made my first sales online)

I got started with online marketing back in 2010 while deployed overseas.

I was sitting in my room, when I got an email for a product that looked really appealing to me. It had it all the nice house, nice car and the income proof to back it up.

(Not once while I read the sales letter did I think it was a scam – in fact I thought if he could do this then I sure as hell can)

The product cost me $997.

I got a DVD box set sent to my home in the States.

I got access to the digital version of it and started taking action on it.

I didn’t see results for 13 days.

On the 14th day I was getting ready to come home for leave and 10 minutes after I got on the plane I had earned a little over $60 in commissions.

Here’s how-

I bought traffic from Google Ads and sent it to a blog post with an opt-in form. Those that opted in went to a paid offer.

I ended up with 235 subscribers that day and now had $60 in commissions sitting pretty inside of ClickBank.

That was all the proof that I needed that I could do this online.

Amazing huh?

I’ve been getting results with list building since I first got started online… who would’ve thought…

Isaiah Jackson

Your first is always the hardest

Think about it..

The first time you had secks.

The first time you got a job.

The first time you said I love you.

The first is always the hardest.

And the same can be said when it comes to making money online.

Making that first $1 is the hardest then making that first $10 or first $100.

Let me tell you something.

When you make that first $1 online or first few sales online, everything else after that becomes extremely easy.

I remember making my first few sales online while deployed overseas and let me tell you it was pretty damn hard.

I spent two weeks building up enough information and implementing what I was learning to build my list and on the 15th day I made a little over $68 inside my ClickBank account.

Thats when I knew it was real.

Making money using the Internet was a real thing, and ever since making money has been pretty damn easy.


Isaiah Jackson

you rippin’ me off?

Was asked a question by a subscriber that basically asked what the subject line said.

But the real question is…

How does one know I’m not ripping them off?

I could easily answer that by saying something like… I attached my name to the product… and since I won’t sell you anything that I know won’t work… let alone promote it… that should tell you something.


Knowing that most folks on this list haven’t been on this list that long, allow me to share with you a few reasons not to pickup Affiliate Quick Start:

1 – You are looking for a push-button miracle that doesn’t exist, won’t ever exist… and is just a fantasy being pitched by folks who only want your moolah

2 – You are lazy and aren’t willing to do the work required to make what is shown inside work

3 – You have no interest in doing any kind of affiliate marketing

4 – You “buy” information and not “invest” in information… the different being this. Buying info is spending money and doing nothing with it. Investing in info not only means spending money but also investing time and energy in actually doing what the info shares with you

5 – You need to feel “safe” about your purchase.

It’s a downloadable product.

Buy once, keep forever – so no refunds will be given on that.

6 – You aren’t really building your business.

Tough pill for some to swallow.

They aren’t really in business, they love the idea of having one… so they always talk about it. But when it comes to actually doing things to build that business… no dice.

7 – You needed a money miracle – yesterday.

Another tough pill to swallow.

But the best time to go out and start an online business, is when you really don’t have to start the online business.


You don’t need to make sales in the business right away since your expenses and bills are taken care of already… a lot of power in not being needy.

Okay enough.

I can rattle on reasons to not buy all day but don’t want this email to get any longer than it currently is.


If you are truly worried about being ripped off by me or anyone for that matter, simply don’t buy.

Not hurting my feelings and would hope it doesn’t hurt anyone else’s (not likely since there are a lot of needy marketers out there)

Other than that;-

Head on over to the link below to download this free report that reveals how I earned over $24K while building a buyers list without selling my own products, creating my own opt-in pages or even getting my own traffic;-


Isaiah Jackson