My Uncensored opinion on these crappy tools

You know the ones right?

Those tools with their biggest selling point being:

“No Monthly Fees”

I stay as far away from those tools as I possibly can.

Reason being is this…

If a tool has NO MONTHLY FEES how on EARTH are they going to support said tool a year from now, two years, 5 years from now?

Most don’t.

And even then…

What is the customer support like?

You see;

Earlier this year I was looking at a tool and was ready to sign up for said tool.

I visit the page only to find out:

“We are closed until Jan 11th”

Okay cool.

I waited until Jan 28th.

And guess what?

Yep, they were still closed.

Sent them an email… only took 13 days for someone to get back to me…

You know what I didn’t buy?

Yep, that tool.

Ended up buying a much more expensive solution.

And in case you are wondering… yes they still are “closed” even though they said on their own page that they wouldn’t be.

So two issues with these “one-time payment” tools you see launching on ZJVoo and ParriorWlus particularly.

1 – The support of the tool in the form of upgrades, new features, etc.

(most likely won’t have them three to five years from now)

2 – The support of the tool from the support team

Without consistent revenue coming in every month how will they pay their support team, pay to keep the servers going, etc.

Just things to think about before you go buy the latest and greatest email autoresponder launching on those platforms.


I’ll stick with the companies that have been around for a few years.

Isaiah Jackson

Not getting any results? This maybe why..

Got an email earlier from a customer who I fired.

(yes, you can do this in your business)


Originally the customer was fired because he wanted to focus on only small things to move his business forward.

… Meaning he didn’t move his business forward because he was concerned with what things like EPC meant and not actually doing anything in his business.

And to my shock (not really) the guy writes in asking about…

Yep, what does EPC mean.

On the surface you would assume he was a troll – but you will always find a message in the mess.

Here is what I mean;-

It is NOT uncommon for a noob to NOT do anything that can potentially move their business forward.

Case in point;-

There was a post in the WhinersForum a few years back from someone who asked a question about something being offered for free.

He said:

“Can you use a different affiliate other than xyz? something that pays faster?”

He asked that in 2011.

Fast forward to 2015.

He asks:

“Does this method still work? Is there an update for this?”

4 freakin’ years.

What on EARTH was this guy doing in those 4 years?

Obviously wasn’t something that could have got him a result by using the free offer he was being given.

He would have had his answer if he actually did some shyt.


The lesson for you here is..

Stop waiting and start doing.

You’ll get results (either good or bad) much faster that way.

Isaiah Jackson

Still taking advice from the broke, freebie-seeking newbie..

“Don’t base your decisions on
the advice of those who don’t
have to bear the consequences”

– Unknown
“Just a quick thought”

In other words;

Taking advice from someone inside of a Forum who has a history of asking questions that you have long since figured out the answers to, by actually building your business… just makes no damn sense.

Reminds me of a broke, freebie-seeking newbie…

He once tried giving someone who was building the email lists and sending emails (making sales) some advice on what he should be doing with the emails.

You know the same ol’ bullshyt you see everywhere else.

That nonsense:

“You should only send emails with free content, and pitch your stuff later on so they trust you”

Then they would go on to quote marketing gurus like Krank Fern

(which shockingly the newbies screw-up what he is teaching)

To which the marketer asked:

“Do you have an email list”

And then the noob responds with:

“No, not yet”

Can you imagine if he had listened to the noob?

Results would have went down the drain…

I mean if sending emails out to his list about what he had to offer was making him sales, why on Earth would he have to do something differently?

Makes no sense in my opinion.

Just my $0.02 on the matter.

Do with this what you will.

It is your business after all.

Isaiah Jackson

From the school of Earl Nightingale

No, he doesn’t have an actual school.

Although he should, since myself and countless others have found his audio recordings to be of incredible value.

But it was something that he said in his program Lead The Field that rings true especially for building your online business.

“Find out what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite”

So true, so true.

I remember a stat back in 2015 that said:

95% of all new online business fail.

So only 5% of all new business see any success.

You know what that 5% have in common?

They don’t do what the 95% of failing businesses do.

Circle back to you…

If you do what every Joe blow wanna-be affiliate guru does, you’ll get the same results the wanna-be do.

(no results)

Do the opposite and you’ll eventually come out on top.

Isaiah Jackson

How successful people can still fail miserably

While I was at the gym yesterday…

I ran into a handful of people who were once in great shape (after being in terrible shape) that are now in far worse shape than when I first met them.

Which is unfortunate – since it seems to happen a lot more than it should.

The reason why they became miserable failures after getting in great shape?

Is the same reason why most who see results online, ultimately fail a few weeks or months later.

Here it is;-

Maintain appearances.


When it comes to weight loss and getting in great shape, I have found that people just go back to eating whatever they want, when they want, and then the pounds start to creep back up on them.

Few weeks go by and boom they are now 20-30 pounds overweight.

Rather than continue to maintain their new physique they had originally built.

And the same happens online.

Folks see success online.

And rather than stick with what is working for them, that got them the initial results – they jump ship into more advanced things that just take them away from how they got results in the first place.

Then cry about why they are still stuck…

…when they truly do know why they are still stuck.

Didn’t stick with the thing that got them results long enough.

Don’t make that same mistake when you start getting results online.

Isaiah Jackson

The hidden value behind unsubscribers

You are bound to get them even if you don’t send an email.

So you might as well speed up the process of getting those you don’t want to do business with, off your email list.

And make more room for those you want to do business with.

Granted, space isn’t limited on an email list unless you purposely decide to stop adding more people to your email list when you reach a certain amount.

(new idea to test?)

But the idea is still the same.

Focus on those you want to do business with and not those you don’t.

In my case yesterday I saw 34 people leave the list from the 9 emails sent.

(I would normally send more)

Didn’t bother me one bit, since the revenue generated easily makes up for it.

Folks who unsub – won’t buy anything from you obviously.

So you really shouldn’t worry about them and focus more on those that stay subscribed – since those are the people who are likely to but what you have to offer.

Isaiah Jackson

How to break even on solo ads

I got an email a few months ago from a subscriber Douglas who says:

“I need to be able to buy a solo ad and make at least 5$ back on my thank you offer to build momentum. This would change how I approach everything.”

If there is one thing I get asked about the most it would be this.

And truth be told it’s not as hard as some people may think.

But the idea that if you can make at least $5 from the ad would change everything is ridiculous.

Granted if you haven’t made your first sale online I can understand that $5 would show you – that you can in fact make sales online.


If you have been doing this for a while – then $5 is not much to really have a party about.

I would say stop focusing on “breaking even” and focus on what happens after folks are on your email list.

Play the long game, not the short one.

Isaiah Jackson

Stop feeling frustrated, worthless and broke

Oh the vicious cycle of being frustrated, worthless, and broke.

You keep buying product after product hoping that you will finally get your hands on that major key that will help you succeed overnight.

Just stop.

1 product.
1 business model.

Thats all it takes to start seeing the results you want online.

Want to sell services but struggle with getting clients?

Build your email list and let your subscribers know of your services every single day.

Simple model – that works.

Isaiah Jackson

Want to sell e-com products but struggle to make consistent sales?

Build your email list and let your existing customers know you got new products for sale.

Want to sell software but struggle to get the funding needed to build it?

Build your email list and offer them a chance to become beta members to help fund the software project.

As you can see almost any business can benefit from having email marketing as apart of their overall strategy online.

So in other words start building your email list and start emailing it daily with the solution that you will help them solve.

How I sold a Lexus dealership on list building..

True story.

I bought a Lexus IS 350 yesterday.

And during that time I somehow managed to sell the dealer on using email marketing and list building as a channel to boost their own sales within their business.


Well, they asked what I do.

After explaining it, they showed me their analytics for FB ads.

They weren’t all that bad but the dealer definitely wanted more from their ad spend, especially from a tracking perspective since they really didn’t have a conversion tracking mechanism in place…

(ClickMagick is the best of the best BTW – I would know for reasons outside this email)


So we end up talking marketing, conversion tracking and promotions when we are supposed to be talking about the damn Lexus car.

Just goes to show that almost any business can benefit from email marketing, list building, and conversion tracking.

Guess Dan was right when he said:

“Your business isn’t any different”

Isaiah Jackson


List size before you make sales

Question came in asking:

How big should your list be before you start seeing sales?

(the op had a list of 1,200 subscribers)

Now some “pro marketers” say that you should be able to convert at least 5% of your list into customers.

And it’s nonsense like that, that causes problems for those who are just getting started with building their email list.

Hard numbers like that don’t apply when building an email list.

Like the whole

“each sub on your list is worth 1 buck per month”

Those aren’t facts or hard numbers to build your business around.

It’s different for everyone who builds an email list.

I know marketers who have a list of about 300 subscribers who earn well over $10k per month.

And I also know marketers who have lists of 30k subscribers who have to launch products every week to keep their incomes at a certain level.

Again hard numbers shouldn’t be taken as facts when building a list.

Each list is different.

Each marketer is different.

How your lists responds to your emails is different than how they’d respond to my emails.

Once you wrap your head around that, the size of the list won’t matter nearly as much as the relationship you have with them.

Isaiah Jackson