How To Easily Become The Most Sought After Leader In Your Niche

In far less time than you think.

Here’s how:-

Consistently talk about what it is that you want to become great at (or just are great at) and nothing else.

For example;

Since the dawn of my IM career (if that is what you want to call this) I’ve rapped about the importance of building an email list, constantly talked about building an email list, created several products on the different ways to build an email list.

In fact;-

You couldn’t ask me a single question without getting a response along the lines of:

“Build your email list”

And it’s pretty much how I’ve become known by a select few as the list building guy to turn too when nothing else was working for them.

I recall teaching a webinar in the fitness space and one of the trainers flat out said:

“Okay Isaiah, question for you. How do I build an email list of potential clients? I feel like only you can answer that since you are the go-to guy for this kind of stuff”

(this trainer clearly did his research on me before attending the webinar)

Another from a product creator in the IM niche who said:

“So I just did a product launch and put about 2k customers on my email list but man was is it stressful. Do you have any other ways to build an email list, I know you know your stuff when it comes to list building”

(someone who doesn’t want to be stressed out with launching products all the time, I know the feeling)

All this to say;-

If you want to position yourself as the leader in your niche…

Pick a niche and narrow it down, then constantly talk about that

Be the specialist and not the generalist.

If I wanted to be known as the traffic guy, then all I would talk about is getting high quality traffic.

But nope, I focused on my bread and butter aka list building.

Speaking of which;

The February 2019 issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter covers 14 unique ways to build your email list in 2019.

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14 Strange Ways To Build Your List

A question I get asked from subscribers and customers alike are:

“Isaiah, what other ways have you used to build your email list?”

And honestly too many to count.

Until I counted, the several ways I’ve used in the past to build email lists of qualified subscribers.


They were responsive.

They opened emails.

The replied to emails.

They sent me emails.

Asked questions.

And bought stuff… even in niches that had nothing to do with why the opted in, in the first place.

Which brings me to the February 2019 issue of the Isaiah Jackson Letter.

I cover 14 strange ways I’ve built my own email lists across multiple different niches.

Most of which you won’t ever see mentioned on FakeBook.

The best part?

Most of them are free and almost all of them can be used as soon as you get your hands on it.


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The Greenbacks For Your Green Backs…

It is a strange one really.

Being in bidniz for yourself means you have to pay taxes.

But the interesting this is paying taxes on the moolah you use to pay the taxes.


Oh, well.


The nature of the game for bidniz this year is to simplify, simplify, simplify.

If your business is complicated – well you are choosing to make it complicated.


I spend a few minutes a day doing two things.

Getting traffic

Converting traffic

That is it.

Nothing complicated about that at all.

Can take a few minutes per day to run.

And it pays well.


I cover how to setup and build your own list lifestyle business working just a few minutes a day, and ultimately have you earning $10,000 online

It’s all revealed inside of the List Lifestyle Formula.

Isaiah Jackson

The Thinking Man’s Business

To quote Dr. Albert Schweitzer who was asked:

“Doctor, what’s wrong with men today?”

The doctor said:

“Men simply don’t think!”

And that is true for online business as well, especially when it comes to building an email list.

I’ve found that most aren’t willing to think about ways to put subscribers on their email list, increase conversions, increase quality of subscribers, etc.

Just want everything done for them.

Without fully understanding why something works or why it doesn’t.

If you aren’t willing to think, then this bidniz isn’t for you.

…You are better off letting someone do the thinking for you, by getting a job.

With that said;-

If you are willing to think then the List Lifestyle Formula is for you.

You can grab it below:

Isaiah Jackson

Marketing Kids These Days

You know the ones right?

The ones who lack a basic understand of direct response marketing.. or worse they think that direct response marketing was invented on FakeBook.

A couple of things I’ve discover from these marketing kids;-

1 – They LOVE social media

Shyt they can’t control of course.

They love it, claim its the only way to “make money online” or say things like “if you want to build a successful business you have to build your FakeBook account and InstaScam profile, focus on that and watch the results you start to get”

Yep, build a platform that you have zero control over.

2 – They LOVE to brag about how many followers they got on social media.

Claim to fame?

I got 240K followers on InstaScam.

Lol – geez.

Of course you do when you only post ladies with big bewbs and nice a$$ets.

3 – “It’s all about the funnel maaaaan”

Yeah, sure.

Let’s just become copies of Brunson and say stuff that he said but say we made it up while we are at it.

(oh, wait they do that already)


I could easily write a years worth of emails about these marketing kids.

But we’ll let them think they know what they hellz they are talking about until it comes crashing down on them.

(which when it does they won’t claim responsibility but instead will become offensive and attack the companies they use like its the companies fault for them failing to make payments, follow guidelines, etc)

All this to say.

Don’t be a marketing kid.

Isaiah Jackson

How To Get Traffic From Product Creators (Without Having A Product Of Your Own)

A few months ago I started implementing some new list building strategies I will rap about inside of the Isaiah. Jackson Letter.

Soon after I started to receive a ton of thank you emails all of a sudden from subscribers.

These were subscribers who had just subscribed to the list – and I know that because they were responding to the first email that they would get.


Turns out, they were hearing about me and hopping on the list while doing research on a product that I had no interest in promoting, never talked about, never sent an email about, nothing.

So it was interesting to find out where they were coming from.

All this to say;-

There is leverage to be created when you start implementing different strategies into your business.


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Finding the best products to promote

Earlier I was asked about how to find the best products to promote online.

And the simple answer would be to just go to ClickBank and look at whatever the most popular product is.

But popular doesn’t always mean high quality.

Think about it…

If you sell the product that is popular but is broken as hell, you’d see more refunds than you do sales.

Basically flushing those commissions down the drain.

I would know because I happened to me years ago.

And let me tell you..

There is nothing nice about seeing a really huge payday only to see a shyt ton of refunds about 20 days after.


The best products to promote will be the ones that others who have spent years building the email lists are currently promoting.

Key being years.

Not some newbie to the list building game.

Isaiah Jackson

How To Get Over 500 Subscribers A Day…

Thanks to the List Lifestyle Formula which you can get at:

I got more subscribers on me list today than I normally would.


I would see a spike of about 100-200 subs give or take, but today that spike was a little over 500+ which is interesting.

For funs sake;-

If you were starting from complete zero and got 500 subs a week for the next 12 weeks you’d have 6,000 subscribers.

If you were to earn say $0.50 for every subscriber on your list…

(which is incredibly easy to do)

You would be earning $3,000 per month.

Promoting other peoples products as an affiliate.

Not bad as far as income is concerned.

But you better be ready…

For the flood of new subscribers, new sales, new spam complaints, and utter nonsense that comes along with growing your list quickly.

Like the new subscribers who hop on your email list and immediately claim the first email they got as spam.

(yep, you’ll get those)

Or the subscribers who hop on your email list and unsubscribe saying they never signed up.

(yep, you’ll get those too)

But my personal favorite…

The subscribers who hop on your email list and buy what you have to offer.

(yep, you’ll get lots of those if you do it right)

You may even experience what I seen a few short months ago.

Got about 500 new subs on the list and ended up making 130 sales for a $17 product.

(you do the math)


I show you exactly how to duplicate the formula and use it in your own bidniz… and if you stick with it you can see incredible returns from doing so.

You can get more info here:

Isaiah Jackson

We Should Listen To This Broke, Freebie-Seeking Newbie. He’s Exactly Right

I got to give credit when credit is due.

Some of the these newbies have got what it takes to be pretty decent marketers. The advice they give out is crazy valuable.

Things like:

How do I get xyz product from guru casino player for free?

Or how about…

You got to use a low price traffic site like Fiverr to get traffic because FB was too expensive

Or like…

I want to get more Instagram followers when I have a lot then I’ll start to promote products to them in my bio

Or my favorite…

Can you give me your thing for free and I’ll pay you with the commissions I earn

There is a lot that you can learn from the above.

1 – Don’t be cheap

2 – Quality over quantity

3 – Waiting to sell is doing your audience a disservice

4 – There are no hand outs in business


Inside of the List Lifestyle Formula, I rap to a different beat in my tell-all approach to make sure that you get results fast.

To secure your copy of the formula – click the link below:

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