A statement came in from a reader that goes:

“Isaiah, I’ve been on your email list a long time and can see that again you have changed the way you are sending emails… like it looks like you only send plain text now. What is your reason for doing this and has it got you better results?”

I’ve been sending plain text emails for a while now.

And from what I’ve seen the only thing that holds true for me – is that I shouldn’t put too much trust in what the autoresponders report… since they can and will be wrong most of the time.

For example;-

Let’s assume you have 10,000 subscribers and the email you just sent out to your list reports that you got a measly 0.5% click-through rate.

That would be about 50 clicks.

Assume you track clicks the same way that I do and you discover that the email you sent actually got…

210 clicks.

Resulting in a 2.1% click-through rate.

Looks like that email did better than what was being reported to you huh?


I just don’t put all my trust in any email autoresponder when it comes to the stats behind my business so I have other ways of measuring the results.

Moving on. The November 2019 List Lifestyle Letter issue features a bonus Insight on what my typical business day looks like and how I measure the results of my daily bidniz ventures.

You can get it by subscribing at the link below:


Goes to the printer on the 1st.

Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

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