​Got an interesting question while on a webinar today… Robert Quintua of philly-limos.com​ asks:

Do you use ClickBank to sell your own products?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: I don’t want to and here’s why…

You see, ClickBank has made it so easy for your customers to get a refund its insane.

A customer can buy your product and just like that request a refund right after… they don’t even have to contact you.

Thats crap if you ask me.

Who wants to put their business in some other company’s hands like that, I sure as hell don’t

Plus you have to get approved to sell YOUR product on their platform.

Which can take a couple of days.

Screw that I want to get up and selling my solution to your problem right now not later but now.

Just like you do when it comes to building a profitable online business, you want to get started right now… and today I am going to show you how here:

Click the here to get started with building your own online business

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson