I know this email is going to get a lot of attention from a lot of people both on my email list and now on my list.

So lets address this right now.

Here’s why I don’t do affiliate marketing the way I use too

Most products that I see launched are absolute crap.

If you spend $7 for a product and the shit tells you what to do but now how to do it… and forces you to buy the upsells…

What kind of shit is that.

Excuse my language but its been happening a lot lately.

Look if I attach my name to anything I create you can bet your ass that I’m not leaving anything left out for whatever price I am asking for.

Anyways, I don’t really launch products anymore except inside of my Email Masters Club where they get a new product form me every single month.

This month is all about squeeze pages and how to build a high converting one in 5 minutes.

But you can only get your hands on it as a part of my Email Masters Club.

Get your hands on it here:


Isaiah Jackson