Here’s something I realized a few months ago.

I can teach… teach… teach and continue teaching until I’m blue in the face.

And only about 20% of the people I teach will get any kind of results the other 80% won’t do anything with the information.

That 80% quickly drops to 30 or even 40% who end up getting results.


I do the hard work for them.

Tech set-up for them.

Get them going.

After that — they take it and run with it and see great success.

Fast Track Success Student Ben says;

“Isaiah, I’m so happy that I got inside of the Fast Track Success System  and man when did you deliver. I made $271.70 today.

Wasn’t just my first sale but my first 12 sales.


Thank you so much Isaiah I can now see that this real”

And props to you Ben – and in case you didn’t know the fine print says that I get everything at the right of the decimal point so you owe me 70 cent haha.

All jokes aside.

Its now your turn.

Get a profit producing blueprint built for you today;

Isaiah Jackson