Often times I get asked what I would do if I were to start over – of course with no money, no list, or anything.

So buckle up because this could get long.

1 – Get a job

Got to keep the bills paid right? What better way to do that then to get a job – more so I would work the night shift so I can take the morning to work on my business (more on that later)

2 – Sell anything that doesn’t generate revenue on eBay or Craigslist

I’m talking TVs, computers, laptops, game consoles, cell phone, text books, I would just go around the house selling pretty much everything I don’t need.

3 – Garage sale arbitrage

Go to garage sales and buy up stuff with the extra money I’m making from eBay and the new jobbie job and repeat #2.

4 – Once I have about 200 green ones I would start up and learn how to use a WordPress site to build my list and promoting other peoples products

Got to learn how to build a site right?

5 – Start meeting up with local businesses and start offering them website building services.

Start small to get my feet wet, and then start going big with the pricing – outsourcing when I have too many clients.

6 – Leverage my personal site that I originally started (and should by now getting results with) to get bigger clients and charge more – outsourcing the client getting process as well or run a few FB ads.

7 – By the time I get to this step I should have a pretty decent sized email list – where I would have been emailing them daily to other peoples products – eventually getting to the point where I can dump the client work and just do email marketing.

The crazy thing is… I’ve actually done this.

A few years ago – and let me tell you when you see your income jump from like 800 bucks to about 2k a month in a month – you know you are working your a$$ off.

Moving on to bidniz;

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Isaiah Jackson