I was deployed overseas with a mic and notebook in hand when it happened.

It was the 17th of November 2010 (Two days before my 19th birthday)

I had just finished recording some new material with the little time I had available to me, when I got the email.

You see a few weeks prior to getting the email I had bought some beats from this guy named Nebula.

Or at least thats what he called himself at the time…

So I thought it was kind of cool to have a producer send me an email thinking I’m about to get hooked up with some more beats.

To my shock he wasn’t telling me about some MP3 download for some beats.

In fact he was doing something completely different from what I thought he would do.

He sent me to this page with a video on it, and the person I saw in the video was the rapper Gravy (the guy who played as BIGGIE in the movie Notorious)

He was sitting with the producer Nebula and they were talking about this Wealth In A Box thing.

Talking about how Nebula was making money with this Box of DVDs or something and after hearing Gravy talk about it, it was a wrap.

After that I got bought Wealth In A Box and the  rest is well you know history…

He sold Wealth In A Box for $997 it was a physical product, great if you have a copy.

But if you don’t no worries, as far as I know Wealth In A Box isn’t even available anymore so here is something better…

Yes, it is by the same guy who made Wealth In A Box, and at a far more affordable price as well.

So instead of just telling you about it, how about you go check it out for yourself


Isaiah Jackson