Ask any wanna be marketer whats the only thing that matters in business and they will probably say traffic.

Although traffic is important its not the end all to be all.

Ask any up and coming marketer and they will probably say leads and they would be extremely close.

Leads are amazing 🙂

Ask any real marketer the same question they will tell you conversions are all that matters.

Meaning, did you make the sale?

You see you can’t pay your bills with traffic or leads, but you can pay your bills with the money you put into the bank.

However you can’t have one without the other so like I said before traffic and leads are important.

They help generate the sale and in most cases come before the sale is made.

The point?

To start making more moolah you want to focus your attention on things that come before the sale like getting traffic & leads.

Which is exactly what I’ll be showing you how to do inside of my Email Masters Club, which you can get started with for just a buck.

Isaiah Jackson