So while on the webinar last night I was breaking down why its important for you to know your numbers…

The key reason is because you can easily predict how to grow your online business.

Here’s an example:-

1,000 clicks for $350 (remember that)

Opt-in rate of 50% = 500 new subs

Now watch this magic.

20 sales at 17 = $340 (4% sales)
6 sales at 47 = $282 (31% sales)
4 sales at 97 = $388 (24% sales
1 sale at 497 = $497 (7% sales)

So from $350 in ad spend you would easily earn $1,507 🙂

These are my exact numbers.

Most of the sales come in 2 days.

But lets say this was you promoting this as an affiliate.

You would still earn $753 thus making more than you actually spent.

So if you wanted to double your bidniz in 30 days you would just double the amount you’d spend.

Easy huh?

Anyways, I break down how to get these crazy numbers inside of the Profit Mastery Club…

… You can become a member here:

Isaiah Jackson