Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And if you think working for about 10-15 minutes a day sounds like a stretch then you are in for a crazy surprise.

Its pretty easy to accomplish once you simplify your online business.

Here’s what a day looks like for me online:

1 – Write a daily email
2 – Get traffic

That’s the gist of my day right there.

Getting traffic is easy.

So most of my time is spent on writing the email (which when timed only took me about 5-7 minutes to complete.

You can imagine how much of my day is free for me to do other things huh?

Besides the webinars I do on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I really have a pretty short work-day.

The next time you hear someone bragging about how many hours they worked… question it a bit.

IF you also want to get your work day down to a least 1 hour here’s how you do it:

1 – Simplify as much of your business as possible

This can be done by getting rid of the things that no longer generate money for you or even by focusing on just ONE THING.

2 – Take a look at the Behind The Scenes Exclusives where I share with you how to get your work day down to at least 1-4 hours.

Get your hands on it over here

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson