So a few days ago on FakeBook I was talking about how I made a little over $1K in 10 days (you may have got the email)

Now as soon as that picture was uploaded I got bombarded with messages from people wanting to know how I did it.

My response to everyone was this:

“I can coach you on how to do it”

To their response was:

“That would be awesome”

I quoted my fee of $197 for 1 hour of coaching plus unlimited Skype Chat support to which these sobbing sissies responded…

“Thats too much”


Look if anyone is expecting a free hand out I’m not giving it (unless you are apart of my VIP Club)

Personally the cost of NOT having a coach will crush any fee a coach commands for his services at least 10 fold.

That $197 investment could easily make you thousands of dollars online but because one may think its “too much” they will lose that chance and forever be in the same place next year.

Oh well its the sobbing sissies lost.

Anyways, one of the premium benefits of being inside of my VIP Club is just that on going support with me directly.

You won’t get the coaching calls (you get one for free… plus a hell of a discount on coaching) but you will get unlimited access to me via email, Skype or even FB.

Just one of the many perks.

To become a member of my Email Masters Club just click here right now to do so

Once inside you will see why I talk about it so much.

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson