Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

So I was checking out some of my emails earlier and saw something interesting happen to everyone whose list I am on.

If they are promoting any products on a “certain affiliate network” I got hit with a security message that says:

“The site ahead contains malware”


That must suck.

I’m sure the products they are promoting are “legit” but hey I don’t know.

I can only imagine whats going to happen to my inbox later today…

I am going to get several emails from the “email affiliate club” talking about the latest and greatest product (which will of course be different from the product last week)


Talk about doing people a disservice.


The only “product” I’ll be promoting are the ones that I create.

And I create a new one every single month…

…however they aren’t available to the public (and probably never will be)


They are exclusive to my Profit Mastery Club family.

The product that released this month?

Short Email Mastery – catchy name since this doesn’t look like a short email lol

Anyways because I’m in a great mood and I believe in actually serving your audience (treating them like family)

I am going to give you access to something that I have been using for the last few years to generate revenue online:


Talk soon

Isaiah Jackson