So I was watching a few of those rich vs poor videos a few days ago.

You know the ones where some rich guy, dresses like a homeless man who just got his clothes out of the trash can..

Well anyways he would go to some fancy restaurant to get something to eat and the owners would turn him down at the door.

Later in the video he would come back, looking like a hard working productive member of society and they would let him in to eat.

He then turns them down and says something like:

“You only brought me in because I am rich and you don’t want poor people eating at your restaurant”

Now here is my problem with these videos..

The guy really thinks he was turn down because he was “poor” which we both know is a lie.

He was turned down because of how he dressed, how he talks, how he smelled.

Look if I am trying to run any kind of business that caters to customers who take pride in how they look (meaning they have some kind of job and can dress okay) then I don’t want someone who looks like he just came off the streets digging in trash cans inside.

Its not because of how much moolah he thinks he makes..

Its because I have a business to run and if I think someone is going to hurt that business then I don’t want them as customers.

The same thing happens online when it comes to getting traffic.

You want someone who is engaged with what you are doing visiting your websites, blog posts and videos not someone who is going to waste your time.

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson