So I was on a popular forum today just looking as some things to write emails about (big tip by the way) and I saw a guy selling something for a few bucks talking about making fast cash.

The thread said and I will quote:

“What’s Needed:

One hour of your time
The ability to click buttons”

Are you freakin’ serious?

Its seems that the self-proclaimed “number one marketing forum” is becoming a joke.

So here is my theory on what this thing is…

1. Copy everything word for word on the thread promising the quick cash

2. Start a thread inside the forum

3. Paste everything you just copied

4. Charge a few bucks for it

How’s that for quick cash?

Silly right.

Look quick cash is nice but long term profits are even better and that is exactly what you can get your hands on when you see this…

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Isaiah Jackson