Its sad really.

Mindless zombie like newbies who want to “earn a full time income” doing nothing.

You can’t even earn full time income working a job doing nothing – so what makes you think you will be able to do it without putting some work in.

As one of my readers Clarence said:

“There are many ways to make money online but they all have one thing in common – hard work. There’s no such thing as a free meal.”

You want something you go to put the work in.

The only question is are you mindlessly doing things that make no sense or are you following a proven formula for getting results?

I’m talking something that goes from Point A to Point Z.

Sure, the path to getting to Point Z may have you taking turns, hitting bumps along the way but its worth it.

If Point A isn’t where you want to be right now and Point Z is – don’t you think it would be worth a little bit of hardship to get there? Take a little bit longer to get there? I sure as hell think so.


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Isaiah Jackson