Some folks just aren’t cut out to be building a business online.

Here’s why…

1 – They believe in getting something from nothing.

Meaning they don’t want to offer anything of value to anyone – all they think about is themselves…

They don’t give a damn about those in the community they wish to serve all they want is their hard earned money (sounds a lot like the people I talked about yesterday)

2 – The attitude man oh man the attitude

They can’t criticism or feedback from anyone now a days.

Whats worse is that the brainless marketers ask for it and when they get answers they don’t like they want to fight.

Hurry get your alphabet guns ready to type the meanest and harshest response ever.

3 – They want long term results while working short term

Everybody wants to make a sale quickly for some reason.

It screams desperation.

More so it screams neediness.

Which means you lose all power of what happens in your business because you will do things like drop your price just to make a sale or worse – do something for a week and call it quits.

If you have a solution to a problem that I am facing and you charge me a buck for it – I’m running to your competitor who charges 10x more because he takes is seriously enough to charge what its worth.

If you fit any of the three it might be time for you to hang up your fresh and polished marketing boots and get a jobbie job.

Let those of us who wear our beaten to death marketing boots and uniforms out into combat and fight the war that you weren’t cut out for.

If this is not you and you are ready to take your game to the next level, get your hands on this list building crash course where I show you how to get started with building your email list. Here’s where to go:

Isaiah Jackson