I was told of a meeting that took place for this non-profit business to award their employees for the “hard work” that they do. They had food and everything none of which the workers in my community got, they were left with scraps.


Selfish but there is more to hang tight.

They have this meeting, give awards and tell every one of the changes that are to take place for the coming few months.

Then just when everyone is getting ready to leave.

They hit them with…

Oh, we will take $35 from you as a “mandatory donation” for this program.

Talk about leaving a sour taste in they workers mouths.

Had them go out of there way to come to a bummy meeting only to serve them scraps and then have the nerve to demand $35 of their own money for a “donation” into some crap program.

Lessons here:

1) Don’t serve your audience with scraps

2) Don’t demand money with little value being given in return

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Isaiah Jackson