I swear some people are so jaded that it makes no sense.

Back to the worthless conversation I had the other day;

Apparently just giving your affiliate links to people will have them foaming at the teeth in hunger to bite what you have to offer.

I beg to differ.

Giving someone your affiliate link without a reason won’t make you any sales.

And if you do – you got lucky.

However, giving a damn about your market, prospects, customers and subscribers and showing them how it can solve the problem they are truly having then giving them your link could work wonders.

See it all comes down to the market.

I can tell you with the Fast Track Success System that I have put in place has allowed subscribers who have not made a single sale online – and get them to make their first $100 online in about 48 hours.

It works.

Now did I just paste this link here;



I actually walk you through how it works, why it works and offer to do it for you so you don’t have too.


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Isaiah Jackson