So I was inside of a FB group earlier this morning and saw that this guy was complaining about this $8 price point that he had to pay for the month to be apart of a popular marketing forum.

He went inside of PayPal and filed a dispute because he forgot to cancel his subscription, and worries that he will lose his PayPal account because he will most likely lose the dispute.

Boo freakin’ hoooo.

What a puss.

Who files a dispute for an $8 purchase?

I wouldn’t because I’m sure that $8 purchase could me making $800 that month or more.

All this to say, if you are the type to freak out over something small like an $8 subscription price than you have other things to worry about than making money online.

Like realizing that almost everything you buy for your business is an investment.

Not a purchase but an investment.

This Aweber account is an investment.

Buying traffic is an investment.

Paying for my domain and hosting account is an investment.

You can’t lose with those investments… I make way more during than month than I actually pay out for them.

Anyways if you’d like to know how I am using those “investments” than you should most def become member of the VIP Club where I breakdown whats working in my business in 2017!

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Isaiah Jackson