A little while ago I learned a new word:


Scott Stratten of UnMarketing did a podcast on the 13th of May about Freebooting Facebook.

Its basically the act of downloading videos from YouTube and then uploading them to Facebook without saying where or who you go the video from.

He goes on to mention Tyrese Gibson, movie star in the Fast & Furious movies.

He has the 7th most popular post on Facebook and yes its a video downloaded and then uploaded to YouTube…

…but here is where Scott has a problem with it.

Tyrese links to his album on iTunes.

Big no, no.

To steal the work of someone else and to profit from it is just low.

So, if it isn’t your video, don’t upload it to Facebook.

And if you do…

I suggest you leave a source link telling people where you got it from.

Isaiah Jackson

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