A wise man once said:

Don’t raise your voice,

improve your argument”

Harvey Specter


It reminds me of a time back when I was in high school and there was this cute looking damsel in distress who was trying to get guys attention, too which of course like the needy little folks they are – they gave it to her.

Then she came running to me and asked one question.

And I quote:

“Do you like what you see?”

My response:-


The damsel who loved her distress couldn’t keep her hands off of me after I said that and made the other guys around me incredibly jealous (more on that in a different email) at how with just a single word had this damsel chasing me instead of the other way around.

More so:-

I was able to display my lack of interest in her aka neediness and wouldn’t give her the attention that she so desperately wanted.

What does this have to do making moolah?

I don’t know, but me thinks it has a lot to do with it. Stop chasing your subscribers and customers trying to make a quick buck but do things in a way that show that you aren’t needy/greedy for their hard earned moolah.

And focus on serving them instead.


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Isaiah Jackson