Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

And one of the most profitable things I have ever done in my own online business was set myself apart from other marketers.

Not only did it build one hell of a bond with my subscribers and customers but it even allowed me to beat some “gurus’ at their own game.

By making more sales than them when it came down to promote a product as an affiliate.

But not only that…

I was able to still be seen as a cool dude to my email list.

In fact…

It worked so well that not only did I have a bunch of subscribers thanking me but most of them went on to ask me about other products that others were promoting and asked me for my own affiliate link.

For products I had no interest in promoting to begin with.

Now I’ve been out of the affiliate marketing game for a while now and don’t really have interest in promoting another how-to product that isn’t my own… but what I will tell you about is how I was able to build such celebrity and trust with my subscribers…

Its covered in Behind The Scenes 002 inside of the Profit Mastery Club

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson