I’ve been on a Suits binge lately.

With that said here’s another timely piece from Specter who says:

Never destroy anyone in 
public when you can 
accomplish the same result 
in private”

Harvey Specter

There are two types of marketers.

Type 1: Those who copy and paste every promo they get.
Type 2: Those that put time and manual labor into a successful promotion

Which one are you?

Most emails that I get sent from Type 1 marketers say the same thing. Like oh guru bob is wrong or don’t believe the fake actors or I posted this video bashing xyz product.

Type 2 marketers?

They go about things a little bit differently and because of that – they get far better results than their competitors.

So which one are you?

Anyways – tomorrow on the free training webinar we dive into the tech setup required to build your email list and one of the topics we will cover is going to be on having a high converting squeeze page that is unlike anyone else is using online.

I might even give you a template.

For more info, register for the webinar below and I’ll see you on Friday:-


Isaiah Jackson