A quote from one of my favorite movies Inception:

An idea is like a virus.
Resilient. Highly contagious.
And even the smallest seed of
an idea can grow. It can grow
to define or destroy you.”


Scary isn’t it? And it fits right along with whats been happening this month. You see if you aren’t doing something that scares you, then you aren’t growing, you aren’t getting subscribers or making sales.

You deserve whats coming to you.

Other ideas that will kill your business?

Doing what others are doing.

How do you expect to set yourself apart from the masses of people who are all trying to make a “quick sale” online if you are doing the exact same thing they are?

You don’t.

In fact, place the 5-year game that I talked about on last nights workshop. Information so powerful that it will set you way ahead of those you wish to “copy” so much so that they will “copy” what you do.


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