Got a question sent to my FB messages yesterday that I thought would be a great idea to share…

The message;

“Can I receive money without depositing any cash”

To my response was;

“Can you get in great shape without having great nutrition and working out? You are building a business not a hobby”

The conversation went on for some time – which if I am being honest I should have ended it as soon as I got the damn message – but knew that it would be great for emails for the next couple of days.

Look if you are treating not only your business but whatever you wish to accomplish in life as a hobby — something that you will “do on the side” and not give it the importance that it deserves…

You deserve to stay broke.

Yep, I said it.

You don’t deserve the potential income that you could make from having a profitable online business.

Because you don’t take it seriously enough to even want to help those who desperately want what you have to offer, to help those solve a problem that your business will in fact solve.

You don’t deserve it — you are doing your market a disservice and should be ashamed of yourself.

On the flip side — if you truly want to build the kind of income that can not only change your life — but also provide a solution to your markets biggest problems.. I’d help you get it started below;

Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson

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