Hey, it’s Isaiah Jackson –

Quick question for you… are you really getting “work” done online?

And I use the word “work” very loosely.

Because just being on your computer and watching a few YouTube videos… can’t really be called “work”

What did you actually get done?

What I’m finding from the people I actually as this question too is that they really aren’t doing anything to grow their online business.


“Well, I watched XYZ video training”

But did you do anything with it?

Why do I bring this up?

Because the biggest cause of overwhelm online is not just from people buying product after product…

… but it comes from people NOT doing anything with what they currently have and because of that nothing gets done.

They look back years later asking themselves:

“What happened?”

The solution?

Go do something that will build your online business.

Don’t know where to start?

Head on over to the link below and get started today:


Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson