Really I had no idea that it was.

Guess that what happens when you decide to build your websites with the hopes of ranking them in the ol’ G.

One tweak and boom your traffic and commissions go down the drain.

Commission be gone.

There is a reason why I don’t teach SEO or how to “rank in Google” not that there is anything wrong with it, its just that most people want to do JUST that.

No exit strategy or backup plan in case something goes wrong which is a problem.

You can make money from ranking a website, but you can make waaaaay more money by doing something on that website that builds longevity in your business.

That thing?

Build the list duh.

Once you have that list the amount of money you can generate for your online business in pretty much endless.

And for the how-to of building a list and most importantly making more money with that list just click on the link below:

Isaiah Jackson