I’ve seen some pretty terrible posts and emails online so here’s a quick guide to avoiding the 5 biggest mistakes:

#1. Don’t use all caps in your messages as it gives people an impression that you are yelling at them (there’s a much better way to get peoples attention)

#2. Don’t format your posts like this email, which will just scream promo (there’a a hidden free tool that will help solve this)

#3. Don’t post vague messages that will get no response (the goal is to engage with others not be boring)

#4. Don’t assume people want to hear from you because they follow you.. (sounds a bit crazy but I had this guy send me some stuff because he felt like I wanted to buy from him)

Which leads me to my last point:

#5. Don’t spam your followers with junk (it will quickly annoy anyone who is viewing your posts, but there is something else you should do instead).

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Talk soon,

Isaiah Jackson